Thursday, May 26

I'm so close

yet so, so far. I'm almost done knitting the mable dress. All I have left is the neck trim and then I have to seam it together!!! Seaming seems to take the longest:) I can't wait to see it completed. Here is a picture of my progress, because everyone loves pictures... at least I do:)

Tuesday night I was starting on the sleeves and realized that I needed to get one more ball of yarn... bummer. So I went on Wednesday to get it. I think I could have finished the sleeves then, but I really needed to do some laundry. So the knitting had to wait. bummer, again. I'm just happy I'm this far with it. I had to move leah into 3-6 month stuff because she is getting so long... It was that or cut all the feet off of her outfits. Speaking of her...

It has been so beautiful out lately. I don't have to pile on the blankets. Just a hat to keep the sun off of her. I know what your thinking, its may. Don't forget I live in Wisconsin, near the lake. We just now have leaves on our trees. I was so excited this week when they appeared:) I love all the green, so pretty.

back to knitting... My mom wants me to make a baby hat for a friend of hers. There is a new granddaughter in her family... Also I really want to get started on my socks. Even though its getting warm out and I'll probably be wearing flip flops a good deal of the time. Also I need to pick out a yarn that I can make the peek-a-boob tank out of. So much to do. I better get going on that dress... happy knitting!

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Unknown said...

that's looking good! leah's getting so big!