Saturday, May 28


I love this time of year when everything is so pretty! For example:

This is on my kitchen table. I've decided that I love lilacs. They are so beautiful! And they smell good too:)

on to knitting... I finished the picot necktrim and thought it looked... Odd. Well that was because I forgot one purl row before it, and it was flipped down and backwards. Hard to explain but I ripped it out and did it all over. Now it looks much better. In between feeding the babe and dealing with the two year old...

(yes, they look sweet, but sometimes they can be a pain in the butoot:)

...I've been sewing in the stray ends. Hopefully by the end of the night I'll be blocking. But we'll see if that happens. Good news, I'm done using the #2's and I can start my socks!! yipee! Time to tackle one more project.

I'm waiting to get my SP5, this is my first SP and I'm super excited, it should be fun! I can't wait to gift and be gifted. In a few days I'll be posting my questionnaire. Did I mention I'm excited about this?! Little things make me happy... Speaking of little things, my son, finally said "mom" and its really cute, or at least I thought so until he kept saying it over and over, to get my attention for every little thing. I swear he has said it 100 times while I've been writing this post. Making me stop what I'm doing and go assist him in his play doh fun. I'm going to end with that, and go give him a bath while leah is sleeping, then off to the mabel dress!

happy knitting to all, and to all a knitting night!

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Unknown said...

oh gabey baby is not so little anymore! SNIF such a cutie though! i'm sure he's a huge handful! i can't wait to see your dress! SOCKS are good! LOL i just joined the six sock knit along at yahoo groups i can't wait to get started...
i also casted on for a pair of toe up socks for andy.... in black and yellow for his teams...LOL
well bella's crying gotta jet! TTYL love ya