Monday, December 19

Little bit of everything

Last night was our church's children's Christmas Service. This is a picture of G and his Sunday school classmates singing. They are the 2 & 3's. They did better than I thought they would. I help out once a month in their class and it was so funny to see them practice their songs. They started out with Away in a Manger, then The B-I-B-L-E, followed by Jesus Loves Me. Not many of them sang, but for 2 and 3 year olds I was impressed. G flashed everyone his tummy mid- manger song. And he shouted out "Bible" a bit later than everyone else, it was very cute. Also he held his arms up making muscles during the strong part of Jesus Loves Me. I'm such a proud mommy! Oh yeah, he is the one on the far right (striped sweater on). Sorry for the bad picture, My camera only has digital zoom, and we were kinda far away. Bummer, I know.

While at my grandmother's house over T-day week I found these cool old tins full of cinnamon sticks. I'm going to use them for my knitting notions. The really old one (Ann page) now is holding my self made stitch markers. I'm not quite sure what the others will be for but I'm sure I'll find something. If you click you can see that they only cost $1.49, wowee, that's cheap!

Ok Just now I found my son looking like this. That is what I get for putting on a veggie tales just so I can blog. Bad mom, bad bad mom. It is diaper cream... So maybe it will just put some moisture into his cute little cheeks! He is only 2 1/2, and boys will be boys. They seem to get into everything. Except my knitting. I've drilled him about that. No no, that's mommy's knitting, don't touch. Thankfully he understands;-) (Please avert your eyes from the mess in the background... It will get cleaned up after nap time! )

On knitting news, I've finished two hats out of cascade 220. I love the way they turned out! I can't show them to you yet... But in a week I will. They are both of my own design, and I'm quite proud of them.

I sure would like a real swift and ball winder... This is what I'm working with. Two chairs and my good old hands. I like the look of a hand wound center pull ball but when you have over 15 different balls to wind, it gets old. Maybe I'll get a swift and winder for Christmas, one can only hope. And here is the end product. G thought it was pretty cool watching me make a ball out of yarn. He kept saying mommy mada ball, ball.

Last week, Friday I went out to the yarn shop to pick up some of that cascade I made one of the hats out of... Anyways I came back with a bit more than I was originally going to get. I bought the fiber trends felted clog pattern and some cascade. I also took some Jaeger Baby Merino home to make some sample hat and mits for the shop. Baby hats knit up so quick and I love making them. I'll post pictures of my progress as I get going on them.

Also my niece Lilly was over and she had her hat that I made for her on so of course I took a picture of her in it. The last pic of the hat, G was modeling it so it only seemed fair to put the recipient's picture on my blog. Yes I'm sorry you probably are sick of all my pictures, but I just love them!

What's a blog without pictures?!

Enough is enough. Happy knitting everyone!


Christy said...

I would have been one stinky mommy if it hadn't been for Veggie Tales the first year of Caleb's life! I understand completely.
Caleb stays out of my knitting most of the time. When I'm knitting and he wants something he'll say, "Put your toys away!". How cute is that?

StarKnits said...

lol maybe he knew he needed moistier lol sp?
your neice looks super cute i'm going to make maddy one with some rec yarn and bella one too. one of these days that is. while it's still cold out too so they can wear them! lol
thanks for everything you rock!

Kimberly said...

Oh I'm never sick of pictures! Especially of your cute kids. Keep it up!

stricken madchen said...

G looks so cute singing with his class! I love that age group. And your niece looks adorable in her hat. Won't next week be fun when we can see all the things people are knitting for Christmas? ;-)

Diane said...

Your niece is adorable in her new hat! I love the color. Glad to see your son is keeping you on your toes--wait until he is 16!

Merry Christmas!

chris said...

No need to avert the eyes; my house looks exactly the same way! I don't even bother picking anything up till its bedtime, because otherwise the mess magically recreates itself. ;-) Your son is so adorable...watching the children in the show must have been so sweet! And being in the same boat, I sure hear you about the makeshift swift and winder. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the both of us. ;-) Take care!