Saturday, December 31


Well its here... And it came, oh so fast. It seemed like yesterday that Christmas was a month away. Now it is said and done and it is the beginning of a new year, almost. Just a few more hours.
I'm not going to be staying up to bring in the new year....To tired. Instead I'm going to write a little post and go to bead. Hubby is at work and I'm pooped. The past 4 days I've gotten up at 3 am, so that I could be at work by 4am. Now I've really started bakers hours. argh. In a way it is really nice... I'm home by 9 or 10 and have the rest of the day to do whatever. But then there is that whole lack of sleep thing. It's hard trying to go to bed early when you're use to staying up late.

Anyways... My knitting has suffered from working more hours, I just haven't had the time. I've only knit once in the past 5 days. Before that I did finish the baby hat for the shop. I think it turned out really cute, but its kinda small. It will diffidently be for a 0-3 month old. Now I have to make matching mits.

The kids has a good Christmas, G had fun with the presents and L just loved the paper. They got to have Christmas twice. First at the In-laws then at my parents. Here is G drinking his hot cocoa out of the "special big boy cup" aunt Dawn gave him. He loves it! And L is holding her first baby doll. I was happy to find this one, it is just what I was looking for. There was lots more but I'm sure you don't want a list...

Santa brought me a book, it is pretty cool too. It has all different kinds of stitch patterns in it and how to design and knit your own sweaters. I've always wanted to knit myself a sweater but I've never found a pattern that I've absoutley loved. Now is my chance to make my very own!

I did however manage to use my new SWIFT and BALL WINDER!!! My in-laws did very well on my gifts... Thanks Hubby for giving them the idea! I also had time to dye my first skein of yarn with koolaid! It was fun, but It didn't turn out how I would have liked. I didn't expect much, this being my first time dying yarn. Practice makes perfect. The end product reminds me of a 6th graders tye-dyed t-shirt.... Anyways I'm going to dye another skein soon, hopefully this one will turn out better!

That's it for now... More later.

Have a happy New Year everyone! May it be filled with lots of knitting!


StarKnits said...

oh the kids are looking sooo good! i'm hoping to get a swift soon! the colors on that yarn is sooo bright i love it! you may be surprised how it knits up! the knitpicks sock yarn is super soft. i love those colors. it took me a couple of trys. i gave away a few skeins to people who liked them!

Kimberly said...

Your Christmas seems wonderful. We have that same baby in those oh-so-soft clothes-my daughter loves her. The magnetic pasifier is what she loves to play with. Your yarn looks good, too!

stricken madchen said...

Your kids are too cute! I think Christmas really becomes fun when you have kids. And how exciting that you got a new swift and ball winder! I'm very impressed with your dyeing too. One day I will be brave enough to try. ;-)