Wednesday, May 13

Lion Pacifier Clip

Pacifier Clip

By Jessica Gutoski

ravelryID NaturallyKnitty

CO 6sts, Join to knit in the round
K1 rnd
* K1 M1 * (12 sts)
K1 rnd
* K2 M1 * (18sts)
K1 rnd
* K3 M1 * (24 sts)
K6 rnds
* K2 K2tog * (18sts)
K1 rnd
* K1 K2tog * (12 sts)
K1 rnd
* K2 M1 * (18sts)
K16 rnds

At this point you need to take a break in knitting. Use
a piece of yarn to weave through the sts at the neck,
go around twice and tighten
slightly, to form the head
from the body.
Weave in any ends. Stuff
head and body with fiber fill.

* K1 K2tog * (12 sts)
K1 rnd
* K2tog * (6 sts)
K1 rnd
* K2tog * (3 sts)

Put all the sts on one needle and work an I-cord for 5 inches.

Kf&b of each sts (6 sts)
K 3 rows (garter stitch)
K2tog, K2, K2tog (4 sts)
K6 rows
BO all sts

Break yarn leaving a 10 inch. Put the garter
stitch tab through hole in the pacifier holder
and sew down. Make
sure to secure it firmly

Cut 4 pieces of yarn about 24 inches long. Fold in half. Using a darning needle pull
each one half way through at the 4 points where the legs will go.
Cut the loop end and braid each leg. Tie a knot, on each leg, making sure it is tight,
about 1 ½ inch away from the body. Take the two front legs and pull through the
clip tying them each in a knot. Trim excess yarn from legs.

Cut up 24 pieces of yarn for the mane. About 10 inches long. Using a needle or a
crochet hook pull though a st and tie in a knot. Go all the way around the head.
Trim it to a nice length.

Add some of the mane color to the tail end. Add a face
and there you have it!


Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

Lol! Brilliant!

Tania @ Larger Family Life

Paulette said...

Really cute, Jessica!! Glad to see you're "back"! Miss you~

Anonymous said...

love it....Does this mean we are having a little boy??!!!!!

DawnK said...

That's cute! I was thinking boy myself!

jessica said...

no it doesn't mean a boy... I just made it for HPKCHC on ravelry... for the Gryffindors!

Samantha said...


Anonymous said...

So Cute Everyone is asking me where I bought this and can't believe me when i say its home made thanks a million

jessica said...

awesome! thanks :)