Wednesday, August 1

3 strikes your out/third time's the charm?!

One of those sayings was going to win...

Third time's the charm!

So here is what happened. The first sock I believe I knit on my US 1's Addi turbos. So I cast on for my second sock on my US 1 Addi turbo's... to big. Alright I might have been wrong, so I frogged it and cast on with my US 0's Addi turbos. knit for a while and decided to compare it with the first sock... too small! What in the world?!!

Now I was irritated. I suppose since I did knit that sock over a year and a half ago my tension could be completely different. So whats a girl to do?! I found my Crystal Palace dpts, US 1's. I
compared the metric measurement of all the needles.

Addi Turbo US 0 2.0 mm
Crystal Palace US 1 2.25mm
Addi Turbo US 1 2.5mm

Well I figured why not try out the crystal palace US1's. I'll either get the correct gauge or
not.... It looks like it is working out! Thank goodness, I wasn't about to rip out the first one and re-knit that one too. I would have just quit for another year! An added bonus, the color is stripping (one p or two? I'm horrible at spelling, don't worry the sock isn't going to flash you ;o) in the same way too!

That was all worked out last night, I think I could have had that sock finished by now with all the frogging and knitting I did...

I woke up this morning to this:

Little miss L decided to bend/ break one of my needles. Arhg! I was very upset but figured that I could j
ust use 4 needles instead of 5... It will be ok, right?! We'll see. They weren't even out in the open. I had tucked them safely away in my fancy little denim sock bag right before going to sleep...

I feel like I'm going through an awful lot of trouble to knit this pair of socks...


Anonymous said...

Those socks will always be memorable to you!! They look good! :)


Christy said...

Striping has 1 'p'. Stripping is what you do when you take the socks off. ha ha.

They look really nice, btw. And, sorry about your needle!

sue said...

Ooh cheeky Leah breaking your needle. Isabelle broke one of mine last year. I hope it doesnt take too long to finish up the other sock too.

Karen said...

Hang in there - you will get those socks done and they will be gorgeous!! Besides, if you finished them last night (July 31) they couldn't count for SAM4. But now, since it's August, when you get them done, you can count them for your credit!!!

Thanks for the note about your name in the side-bar. I made sure you are there. :)

Allena said...

OH NO not the needle! you can do it with 4 NP!
are you sure it was leah?

Lou said...

You get mucho points for persistence with that sock! It was very clever of you to figure out the mystery of the different gauge.

About a year or so ago I tried kntiting two socks at once on two circs and I will never knit socks any other way again.