Thursday, August 30

My pal's socks are done!

But I can't show you a picture yet...

They have to be blocked, packed, shipped and then I'll post a picture:O)
I was SOOOO happy last night when I weaved in the last end... I agonise over weaving in ends... It is my least favorite thing about knitting. Hubby told me that I needed to teach him how to do it and then he would weave in all my ends for me. One problem with that. I'm a perfectionists and I really don't think he knows what he trying to get himself into.

I've been working a bit more on that farmers market bag. But its not too interesting yet to post pictures about.

I can't wait to cast on for a pair of socks with my new yarn... but which one and what pattern?!!! Choices choices. I really want to get or at least see the patterns from the books More Sensational Knitted Socks and Favorite Socks. But Christmas is a while away and I don't think I can wait that long to CO for my socks. Maybe I'll see if the local library has either of them. Unfortunately my LYS doesn't carry those books.

One of my most favorite things to eat from the garden is salsa. I cheat and use a packet of salsa seasoning. That way all I need to do is cut up the tomatoes, onion and just mix in the packet. Oh its sooo sooo good! It was my lunch the other day!

Two nights ago I took some pics of the kids. Thought they were cute, so I'll share!

Oh did I say that
C is actually crawling now?! She isn't fast yet, but she is up on all fours and is going places. Its kinda cute, she has a tendency of popping up her knee and putting her foot on the ground while attempting to crawl. So she has both hands down one knee and one foot, silly little girl! She also had quite the temper on her. If she has her hands on some paper or a tissue and you take it away, she lets you know she isn't happy. This girl has a pair of lungs!

I can't believe she isn't a tiny little baby anymore, she is starting to grow up. I can't just hold her anymore(for a long time), she is such a busy body!

More knitting content to come, I promise! Have a wonderful end of the week :O)


Karen said...

Can't wait to see those socks!! I'm not too fond of weaving ends either - I always feel like I'm doing it wrong. That salsa looks so good - I didn't plant a garden this year, but I should pick up stuff at the Farmer's Market and make a batch. Yumm. Thanks for the pictures of the kids - they are so cute!

Allena said...

what cuties!
i love love love fresh salsa, it's the only way to go.

sue said...

The Favourite Socks book is a great one with lots of really nice patterns in it. I bought it a while ago, but since I take so long to knit socks I havent started any from that book as yet. I cant wait to see how yours looks. The salsa looks and sounds delish. The 3 of them together look so cute, and doesnt C look so much like G too.

DawnK said...

The salsa looks yummy and your kids sure are cute!