Monday, August 20

A trip to The Loopy Ewe

I got an unexpected late birthday gift, of money, form my MIL!

I've seen so many different sock yarns around and have been itching to try some out. Like Cherry Tree Hill, the Plucky Knitter, Cider Moon, Lornas Laces The Knittery.... the list could go on and on and on. Well with this money I decided to go and check out The Loopy Ewe. That is seriously one of the coolest places to find sock yarn! I think its almost needless to say but on Sunday night I placed my first order! I'm really excited to get my yarn... I've heard that the shipping is really fast so hopefully I'll get it on Wednesday or Thursday. I'll be sure to post pic of the yarn when it comes!

On the knitting front I've made lots of progress on my pals socks.
I've knit gussets, turned heels and I am now knitting the foot portion of the socks! I think I might be able to finish them in the next few days. Depending how much knitting time I get.

Its been raining here for 3 days... I've had a good amount of indoor time to knit but the kids chew up most of that... which is, of course expected! Speaking of kids, C has got the army crawl down pat! She can get to wherever she wants, pretty quickly. Usually its towards paper of some sort, one of the kids pictures, a book, or even some mail that has found its way to the floor. Oh and don't forget the ever impressive tag, remote control, cell phone and camera. Oh to be a baby again, how fun that would be!

She is one determined little girl!


Anne said...

She is soooo cute! (Mine loved making a bee-line for any electric sockets...) Sometimes I miss have teeny tinies, but mostly I don't :-)

Allena said...

love the pix of c!
hey i want my MIL to give me money i'd like to go shopping!

Karen said...

Oh she is just so adorable!!!! I can't wait to see the yarn you got with your MIL birthday money. My MIL completely ignored my birthday . . . she has "issues" so I wasn't very surprised. Oh well, I can live vicariously through your birthday yarn!! :)