Wednesday, August 22

It came!!!!

Oh the beauty!

Just look at it.

This one is Cherry Tree Hill's gypsy rose. I love it. Though the picture on the site was a bit darker in color(probably a dye lot thing) I love it.

This is Cider Moon's peas and carrots. I love it too. So bright and vibrant!

When I went to the loopy ewe I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and pick something you wouldn't normally find in my knitting bag. I am thrilled I did because I L-O-V-E both yarns I picked. I think I'm hooked! I will definitely be going back there (when its in the budget, like b-days and Christmas time). Such a wonderful site, and Sheri rocks, so sweet and thoughtful!

Sheri from The Loopy Ewe also sent along some extras. What a wonderful little package she put together! Its the little things that makes you smile. I've been wanting a little way to keep track of all the different needles I have and presto, just like that I have one. Its not much, but it made my day!

I can not wait to start knitting more socks! First I have to finish my pal's socks. They are almost done a few more inches and then some toes, I think I like my tried and true short row toes best. I've done a wedge toe but wasn't thrilled with it. I've yet to do a round toe, the one kind of like the top of a hat, and I'm not quite sure what other toes are out there.

Whats your favorite toe?

Tomorrow, garden update! (We've had lots of rain!)


Karen said...

You have wonderful taste in yarn, those two skeins are gorgeous!!! I've knit a pair of socks in Cherry Tree Hill and loved it. I keep hearing great things about Cider Moon too, you'll have to post a little review when you knit it. :) Hmmm, I always do the same toe, I don't know what it's called but you just do your basic decreases every other row until you have half your stitches left, and then decrease every row and kitchener the end. Although when I knit Embosses Leaves it has a star-toe, which was fun and really pretty!

Friender said...

Beautiful yarn! Isn't the rain ridiculous? I'm so tired of it, and the kids are, too. We've wasted a whole week of swimming lessons. Ah well.

Anonymous said...

The yarns you chose are beautiful - can't wait to see them in person! The colors are great! Sock addiction is pretty intense!! :) Finishing the toe on my Cara socks - on to Cookie A.'s BFF with my Cherry Tree Hill today (I hope.)
Thanks for all your encouragement with my sock knitting!!