Saturday, August 4

more kool-aid!

Finishing up those socks really put me in the mood to dye some yarn! So after the kiddos went to bed last night I got things ready!

I forgot to take some pics during the dyeing process but It was exciting! Now I want to buy a bunch of natural dye your own and go to town! It was so fun, and the possibilities are really endless.

I used the instructions from knitty. The only other
thing I did differently was that I put plastic wrap down on the table and then sort of rolled it up after the dye was on it so that the colors would stay where I wanted them. Then, because my microwave isn't large enough to use a 9x13, I had to coil it up and put it in a 9in pie dish. But it worked out nicely! I think I wanted more purple(grape) but I was afraid it was going to be blackish so I didn't use that much of it. Next time I'll use more of the light pink(pink lemonade) and none of the red(blastin berry cherry). I love the green(lemon-lime) I can't wait to start knitting with it!

I had to let it dry last night and because I wanted to start on some socks I used what was dry at the moment:

I had been gifted this for no reason at all, except for the fact that Michelle over at Pink Knits is so very kind! She must have sent this over a year ago and I've been wanting to use it ever since! I decided to try out the pattern Monkey, I've seen it everywhere and thought I'd jump on the bandwagon! I like it so far but only have a few inches done so I'll post pics of it another time.

I did manage to take a pic of G's blue buddy bag. He told me last night while I was taking its pic that he really wants his buddy and pocket on it. So I should really make it so he doesn't ask why L has hers and he doesn't. And as long as I'm making them I should make one for C right now too. I almost want to make one for me to use as a purse. Of course I'd use nicer yarn and it probably wouldn't be striped but I like the fact that I could wear it on my back! I might make it a bit bigger on the bottom and decrease it while going up but same theory.

The garden is starting to be in full bloom! I love it. This was are harvest from today.


sue said...

I really love the colors of Gabe's buddy bag. Your lucky having such a wonderful vegetable garden too, they all look so delicious. Your dyed yarn turned out nicely too.

Allena said...

love the buddy bag! LOVE the koolaid yarn! i'm so going to have to do that soon. but i've got other projects to finish first!

Friender said...

I love how this koolaid yarn turned out! I, too, have been wanting to try this and i have the yarn and the to find the time and motivation.

Kimberly said...

Your dyed yarn is great!! That's one thing I've been dying to do but I'm still a bit unsure. I'm scared I'll ruin something. Yours turned out great!!