Wednesday, August 8

garden goodness

I want to show you all pics of the socks I'm knitting for my pal out of that yummy ravenclawsome yarn, but the swap isn't anonymous and I want them to be a surprise... so you'll have to wait to see them when she dose! I can tell you that I'm doing them on circulars and both at the same time, I love it! so cool! I'd show pics but again I can't. ;o( I've got about 3 inches on each done so far....

I also want to show you something I'm designing but that also has to wait. Its in the works, right now I'm waiting until I can buy a different color of yarn, I'm trying my hand at fair isle... and designing it at the same time. Crazy or ambitious?! who knows. I have until the 2nd of September to design, knit and post a pattern on this blog. Then I can win the design contest for the Hogwarts Sock Swap and get points for my house, Go Huffelpuff! So hopefully by then you can all see what it is. I can say that my inspiration comes from the Weasleys(my favorites from the HP movies) and my pal Sophie! I can't wait to continue knitting on it!

Does anyone know how to put a chart on a blog? Otherwise I'm just going to take a pic of the chart and post it.

So now that I can't show any of my progress in the knitting world I can show pics of the
yummy veggies we picked today!

I've been into wraps lately, I know how trendy can I get?! but I really like them right now. What do I put in them do you ask?! Well Here is a list of all the things I like in my wrap:
Cubes of chicken
Red onion
all of that on a whole wheat tortilla! That was my lunch today! The stared items are form my garden, Next year I'd love to plant red onions, I put them in everything, salads, pastas, wraps... Love em!

Hope you all have a lovely week!
Ta ta~


Allena said...

yummo! i sooo have to plant a garden next year!

Rebecca said...

Can't wait to see your design for the HSS2 contest! :-)

Sonya said...

Your veggies look wonderful! We don't have a good sunny spot for a garden, but I frequent several roadside stands.