Friday, August 3

kool-aid socks!

Yay, they're done!

Project Stats

Start Date: January 2006
End Date: August 3 2007
Yarn: Knit Picks, Dye Your Own (I used kool-aid)
Pattern: Leaf Lace, I can't find it online, a secret pal had gotten it for me a couple of years ago!
Needles: US 1's circulars (2.5 mm) & US 1's DPts (2.25mm)

Recipient: Me!

This counts as my August pair of socks for the Sock a Month KAL4 !
Woo Hoo! I'm starting off strong!

I can't wait to start my nex
t pair! Also I got an e-mail that my yarn for my sock swap pal was sent out on Wed...(It wasn't dry until then) So I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that it will come today, or at least tomorrow! I really want to start on her socks. I am debating over a couple of patterns though... Maybe I needed this time for decision making ;o)

I finished knitting G's bag, but don't have the colors I want to make the buddie part of it. he was happy with it even without it though!

I've been diggin on the purple/pink/green combo in my socks. I have another skein of yarn that I think I'm going to try to dye in just those colors... But who knows how
that will turn out!

In my neck of the woods the whole family is sick. Hubby has a sore throat and runny nose. All three kids noses' are runny. G is coughing up a lung, C poor little baby is all red eyed and sneezie. I am the only one who isn't blowing my nose every 15 minutes but I went to the doctor yesterday and I'm on some antibiotics for mastitis (aka, a breast infection & flu). I'm not too bad but some rest is needed. Unfortunately
the kiddos aren't cooperating. Sometimes I think I'm going to go crazy.... I think I need to knit :o)

And just because, here is one of L all wet. The weather here has been so hot and humid we went out to pick some veggies and G&L jumped in the kiddie pool, they had fun!


Bobbi said...

Yippee! A finished pair of socks; even better, UFO completed! Brilliant!

Anne said...

Mastitis? Oww! I could come over all like my husband when he's trying to be supportive - "take it easy" - hah - yeah right, when you've got sick kids around. Still, I hope they give you a bit of time to recuperate.

Allena said...

that's a cool pair of socks. i'm glad they sent your yarn! you should join the 6 sox kal they have a pattern called horacrux that's specifcally for HP. plus they put up patterns every other month so you knit 6 pairs a year. or go to they have 3 patterns for HP available right now.

sorry to hear you're sick! get better soon

sue said...

Oh poor you. I think that would be very painful to deal with. I hope the family gets better soon, nothing worse than summer colds. Isabelle and I are starting to get a winter cold which we could do without. I love your socks, so pretty.

Kimberly said...

Those socks are sooo pretty! Sorry you were feeling lousy. I hope by now it's better.