Monday, August 13

HSS2 design contest

Not another Weasley Hat

Inspired by the Weasley family and Sophie.

The Weasley’s always have the coolest knit items. Thanks to Molly and her needles! Ron and his famous ‘R’ sweater and all the hats he wears. When I think of the twins I think of the different knitted fair isle hats they wear in Hogsmeade. I decided that Ginny needed a girly version. My HSS2 pal Sophie told me that she is absolutely nutters for argyle… Voila, this hat was born! Its worked from the top down with a cool brim that is a double layer to keep your ears nice and toasty warm!

Gauge~ 20 sts x 28 rows over 4inches



US# 6 (2circulars)

US# 10 (or similar sized needle for bind off)

Darning needle


Cascade 220 super wash

1 ball MC

1ball CC

Pom pom maker or a bit of cardboard

Getting Started:

CO 7 sts, Join for in the round.

K1 rnd

*K1 inc1(raise bar inc, tbl)* (14 sts)


*K2 inc1*


*K3 inc1*


*K4 inc1*


*K5 inc1*


*K6 inc1*


*K7 inc1*


*K8 inc1*


*K9 inc1*


*K10 inc1*


*K11 inc1*


*K12 inc1*


*K13 inc1*


*K14 inc1* (105 sts)

K7 rnds

Switch to CC and K3 rnds

With MC K2 rnds

Start Color work and follow chart:

There will be 7 pattern repeats

(if anyone knows how I can make a chart here or on Microsoft word, please let me know!) This was the best I could do.

Thanks to Karen!
You can download this chart or print it!

With MC K2 rnds, break MC

With CC K13 rnds

*K2tog yo* (this forms the picot edge where the brim folds)

K13 rnds

To Finish:

Fold your work at the picot edge wrong sides in

BO as follows:

(Use your US# 10 for the right needle)

Find the last row of the MC; it will be a row of purl bumps. With your left needle pick up the first bump and knit it and the first st on the left needle together. Pick up the next bump and k it together with the first st on the left needle. You now have two worked Sts on the right needle. Slip the right st over and off of the needle to BO. Continue in this manner until all of the Sts are BO. Pull the yarn through the last st to secure.

Weave in all ends.

Make a pom pom, whatever size you prefer, and attach it to the top of the hat. Or opt not to

make one at all.

Block you hat and Enjoy!

A note to all the Hogwarts students:
As I've said in previous posts, this was my first attempt at fair isle, I know it doesn't look the best, but If you're experienced, just think how yours will look! House colors maybe?!


Karen said...

I think it came out so cute. I'm totally out of the Harry Potter loop, but I still like the hat. Let me think about a way to make a chart you can post on Blogger. I'm not sure I can come up with anything, but I'll try. :)

sue said...

Ooh great pattern, and the hat turned out so pretty. You are so clever.

Amy Lu said...

Looks great! You are one busy girl!

Kimberly said...

Oh you did a fabulous job!!! It looks great on you too. You should be proud-very clever.

Sonya said...

Cute hat! I love the picot edge.

Shelley said...

I think your hat looks great! You did an awesome job with it!

Mafalda Crockford said...

Hey this came out great. Looks like Molly Weasley has put a charm on the needles :-)

agatha quafflepuncher said...

Its lovely!!! on my to do list now for my nieces:-)
Brilliant entry for the design contest!

Rachel said...

What a pretty hat pattern! I'm a sucker for pink and green, and especially picot edgings. Well done!