Saturday, August 11


So today I'm watching my friend Heather's kids. We went out side and played in the pool and had a bunch of fun! Now when I say we I mean the kids, cause I wasn't in the pool, its just a tiny little one.

I picked veggies and now all the small one and the beans are gone, the kids gobbled them up! I'm thinking salsa tonight! But that means I have to go buy some chips...

Anyways after being outside we came in and while they picked up I made lunch then I put them down for naps. As of right now, this very minute all 5 kids in this house are asleep! So I thought I'd use this peace and quiet to blog!

On Thursday I spent the morning baking zucchini bread, in the chocolate form! Remember the giant zucchini from the garden?! We had been chipping away at it for cooking, but still had about a half left and I thought why not make bread?! Not that its healthy but I used about half wh
ole wheat flour and half unbleached flour, add the zucchini and its not that bad either!

They were all over the mini muffins once they came out of the oven! They barely had time to cool!

The kids love it!

Also I almost finished knitting my design thing for the HSS2! I can't
contain my excitement so I'm going to show you my progress! I have the pattern notes written down and just have to type it all on the computer. Ok so bear with me, this is the first time I've tried doing fair isle... all the sts are a little wonky, but I'm happy with the design! Its argyle if you can't see it that well, I love the colors and can't wait to post the pattern! Like I said its not finished yet... so don't worry about it looking too long, I have a plan!

happy knitting!


Sonya said...

Your zucchini bread looks yummy! What do you mean zucchini bread isn't healthy?!? It has zucchini in it! Great FI pattern BTW; and I love the colors.

sue said...

The muffins look delicious. Great way to use the zucchini up too. I quite like your design too, pretty colors.

Kimberly said...

Yum, zucchini bread!! I'll be there in a bit.