Saturday, August 4

It came!

Normally on Saturdays if the mail comes at all it comes around noon. Well I went out and checked at noon, at two, and at four, no mail. I was bummed that I would have to wait until Monday to get the yarn I ordered. But whats a girl to do?!

Then I saw a mail truck across the street, I waited a few minutes and stared out the window... then he drove off. How dare him, How dare him to tease me like that, I was quite sad.

To pep myself back up I went and filled up the watering cans, one for me and one for both G
and L. Watering our flowers brightens my day, usually. Right as we were walking out the door I saw the mail man walking away from our mailbox! I ran and opened....

And saw this:

Oh the softness, so pretty, I can't wait to wind it and start knitting..... so I'm off!


Oh, first I have to feed the kids, and put them to bed.... right. Maybe its a movie night for them?!

Knit happy!


sue said...

Ooh they look like Ravenclaw colors. Very very nice.

Samantha said...

Hooray for yarn in the mail! It's gorgeous. :)

Chelsea said...

Yum! These look scrumptiously delicious. :) You are very brave for starting socks on two circulars. I have tried the method (on a pair of wrist warmers) and gave up because I could not gap the join where the needles turned (I think that it's just me and need more practice). Anyhoo, I hope that this works out for you - share any tips that you've got. I don't usually fall prey to SSS, but I would still love to avoid the chances of it even more. One pair can scare you into avoiding it for the next twenty or so. ;)

Allena said...

beautiful! MOVIE NIGHT FOR SURE!!!!