Friday, August 17

no knitting pictures

Thanks for all the kind words about my hat! Also a special thanks to Karen for making a knit chart for the color work! That was so nice of you to take time out to help me out! So thanks! I've been working on my pal's socks... So I can't show you pics... sorry! I really really want to. You must know from reading my blog that I love pics and almost can't do a post without one. This is hard for me;O)

Wednesday was Hubby's b-day, we went to the zoo. I know we go there a lot, but we have a zoo pass and want to get our money's worth! Well it rained pretty much the whole time we were there, but we still had fun.

The night before the kids and I made peanut butter cookies, you know the ones with the
Hershey kiss squished in the middle, their hubby's favorite. The kids did all the un-wrapping of the kisses(I hate that part) and they carefully helped me squish them in too! We also made him a book, I wrote the words they colored the pics, then when they were in bed I laminated the pages and punched holes in it. He really liked it! We've read it every day so far at least three times a day!

Here are a few of the pics:

Our van. Yes it is green in real life;o)

Daddy (in orange) and the kids, reading a book. With the living room around them(the red)

Daddy(in green) putting them to bed. The kids in bed with their favorite colors G(red) L(purple)

I'll leave you with a couple pics of G & C.

Oh C is now doing the army crawl... She is only 6 months. This is crazy! She can really get to where she wants to go. I guess its time to be vacuuming every day again! Not to mention scan the floor every few minutes to make sure none of the kids choking hazards are left out!


Friender said...

Your kids are adorable! Who needs knitting photos when you have cute kids?

Holly said...

That's exactly what I was thinkin'! Too cute!

Karen said...

Happy birthday to your husband!! My godson is coming to visit this week, and he already told his mom he wants to go back to the zoo - we took him last year. :) I love the book your kids made, it's so great that you do such creative things with them.

Allena said...

love the photos tell DH we're sorry we forgot to call or anything for his b-day. we're (i'm) horrible at rememering those types of things!
the pix of g and c is the cutest! i can't get over how much he looks like you!