Friday, August 31

Canning and Crafting

Yesterday I made Hot Pepper Jelly. It is so yummy! I got the link from my sister Allena. Thanks Allena!

I like it best with cream cheese and
triscuits! Something about the crunchy, creamy, sweet and hot combo is just fantastic! I used peppers from our garden (of course) and the "hot" variety came from the in-laws and a lady from my local knitting night. It only called for red and green bell peppers but we grew yellow in the garden also so I thought I'd throw that in there too. I love how it looks in the jar, the pepper bits just floating mid jelly :O)

On to the crafting. Through the SAM kal 4 I found THIS LINK to make sock blockers. Well I went to the store yesterday to 1 buy triscuit (see above) and 2 buy a place mat (for sock blockers) I came home with the triscuits, which was well worth the trip in its self. But later in the night I remembered the sock blockers. I was upset and determined this morning to find a way to make them without going to the store. Well I found a big piece of paper and some clear contact paper.... I cut up four templates and put two of them together so it was a bit thick and laminated them! yah! I have my own sock blockers! These will do until I have an extra $30 lying around ;O)

Also I put my pal's socks on them and they look wonderful! I just have to actually block them and then they'll be in the mail! I really want some wooden ones they really do make socks look good! I wasn't a believer until today!

My farmers market tote is a few inches away from seaming the sides together... Maybe I can wonk on it a bit during nap time!

Have a good week end!


Heather said...

Jelly looks good, I'll have to try some some time since LOVE trying new things!!! :)

Jess said...

What beautiful jelly! It sounds fabulous, I think I may have to give it a go. I just got some pretty red and purple peppers from my farm share, so I just need a nice hot pepper or two to complete the recipe.

Love the idea of the sock blockers! My husband bought me some of the pretty wood ones for my birthday, but if I didn't have those I'd be all over this idea. I'm glad they're working well for you!

Allena said...

YUMMO!!! i just got a bunch of tomatoes so i want to can some sauce. i know you've done it do you have a recipe??

DawnK said...

Yummy! I love the pepper jelly, especially with cream cheese and crackers! People like to bring it to work and it never lasts very long!