Monday, July 30

knitter kindness

Last week I was amazed at the kindness of a fellow knitter. She is a regular at the knitting group I attend out at out LYS. She sent me and e-mail stating that she had some yarn that she didn't want anymore. She offered it to me free of charge, to knit something for the kids perhaps... Anyways the yarn is cascade 220 superwash. Which is awesome because I don't have to worry about hand washing, hand washing is not kid friendly, at least for me it isn't. I'm not sure what it will become but there are 5 balls equalling 1100 yds. Hopefully something will come to mind or I'll see something that pops out at me and says use that superwash! Thanks so much!!!

On a down side of things I started knitting the second sock of this kool-aid dyed yarn. I knit a good part into the foot and realised that it looked a bit bigger than the first one. I looked all over in my notes and knitting stuff to see if I ever wrote down the size of needles I knit the first sock with. I even looked back on my old blog posts. No such luck. I think I used 0's and was using 1's on the second one, so... a frogging I went. I managed to re knit the toe on 0's and one repeat of the lace pattern. It looks much better. The funny thing is I don't remember owning 0's back when I knit the first sock. Which was in January of 2006. Talk about a UFO. Its about time I finish these! Thanks Sock a Month 4 KAL! Way to get my needles in gear!

In Hogwarts business I'm trying to be patient while I wait for the sock yarn I ordered.... I did just order it last week Tuesday so hopefully it should be here soon. I really
really want to start my pals' socks!

In the garden....

We must have over looked this.

Or it grew out of nowhere! Isn't it huge?! I guess
its time to make some zucchini bread! That's about all those big ones are good for. That or stuffed zucchini, oh the decisions I have to make!

Usually we try to pick them while they don't have that big of a seed column.... I think its that time of summer that I have to check closely everyday to make sure things don't overgrow!


Anne said...

Heh - I started to knit my very first ever kool aid dyed yarn into socks just before Pentecost - 2006 - the colour and the pattern were very appropriate, and naively I thought I'd definitely have them done by Pentecost 2007 - I'm still on the heel of the first one - startitis has seduced me into too many other projects...

Those zucchini can be sneaky - I swear they go from teeny tiny to that size just in one afternoon.

Karen said...

How great that you inherited that Cascade yarn!! It does sound very kid-friendly. Sorry about the sock. Maybe your gauge has changed since you knit the first sock?? I don't know - I can never figure out how to size things right. :) That is one huge zucchini!!

Allena said...

that veggie is almost as big as gabe!
that's hilarious.
that yarn is wonderful!

Rebecca said...

What a wonderful gift - Cascad Yarn! Are you on Ravelry? You can type that in and see what people are making with it? I love Cascade 220 for sweaters -- the cables really "pop" with it.

That is one HUGE zucchine!

Amy Lu said...

Tim calls those "Home Defense Zucchini". You can put it by your front door, and if anyone tries to break in you can hit them over the head with it!

It looks like a good one!