Friday, July 13

Pretty in Pink Socks!

I looove these socks! They were so much fun! Easy and fast! I really like how the stripes turned out too, Thanks Paulette!

Start date: July 10th
End date: July 12th

Yarn: Cascade fixation
Pattern: a combination from here and here
Needles: US 3, circulars
Recipient: ME!!

I really like the heel flap too! I actually think I did the turning of the heel part a bit wrong on the first one and noticed how to do it correctly on the second. But to make them the same I purposely did the second one wrong too. Did that make sense to you or am I totally screwie?! Oh well. I'm loving the sock making and want to join in a swap. I'm not sure what one or if
any are currently open to sign ups. I had done the secret pal swap two times before and had fun with them, but I think it would be fun knitting something for someone else who will really appreciate it.

Also I found these:

I know they are ugly shoes but they are comfy and I had a normal pair from last year that I now wear to work. Now those ones are dirty and scuffed up(i will still use them for working). I saw these ones, mary jane style, and thought they were a super cute version of them. So It was payday today and I went out and got them!

On a fun knitting note....

I was blog hopping today after catching up on my bloglines and found that there is a fun contest like game, knitting bingo, on Woven-N-spun. Go check it out and play along!

Also Shelly over at kitten knits yarn is having a fun contest for some pretty stitch markers! Go check it out, its at the end of the post ;O)


Karen said...

Your socks came out so cute - and the shoes are adorable too. :)

sue said...

Your socks turned out great, and the color is cute too. Love the Mary Jane crocs. I had a brown pair but wore them so much I wore a hole in the bottom. I will have to wait until summertime now to buy some more.

M said...

Love the socks! I have that exact same yarn in my stash. The fixation scares me for some
And those shoes! Oh my. I love mary janes. Where did you find them?

Anonymous said...


JL said...

Love your socks, nice colour too.

Those must be the Croc shoes, was a must here before.