Saturday, July 21

Baby gift... Check!

Well almost.

I just need to put buttons on it. I need to go to the store and buy some otherwise they would already be on. (which I'm going to do right after I finish posting...) So with that said, I'm counting it as a FO.

Project Stats:

Start date: July 17th
End date: July 20th
Yarn: Bernat Softee Baby
Pattern: Seamless Yoked Baby Sweater
Needles: US 3 circulars (it called for 4's but I don't have any...)
Recipient: A friends soon to be baby girl!

Modeled by the lovely C. Its a bit snug on her but who cares.

We did some picking out in the garden today.

This is the most tomato picking so far!

I can't wait until the red ones start to ripen. Although these little orange ones are so so so yummy. There are about half left thanks to the kids and hubby, but that enough for me and my salad for lunch today!

I'm also working on some socks that I dyed with Kool-Aid a looong time ago. Pictures to come!

**Here it is with the buttons and all.

So dose anyone know if you need to block
acrylic?! Seriously, should I wash it before gifting it or leave it as is?


Karen said...

What a cute sweater - and your model is even cuter!! I'm pretty sure blocking does nothing for acrylic. I suppose you could wash it first, but the new mom will probably re-wash all the clothes she gets anyway, right?

Anonymous said...

The baby sweater turned out so cute!! I love it! It's a wonderful gift~ It's great that Chloe is such an obliging model! :) Paulette

sue said...

I love the baby jacket, so pretty. I never block acrylic knits, just put a cloth over it and use a bit of steam to press it out. Love the veggies too, and I seem to have some little orange tomatoes in my garden. Unfortunately from the frost they are the only ones we got, which was about 7 of them.

Allena said...

no need to block just wash and gift!
the sweater is cute!
i think it's great that you joined the HP sock swap! i would've joined but i've got too many irons in the fire right now.. though i would love a pair of Gryffindor socks. (that's what i am when i sorted myself) though i prefer the green and silver colors b/c i just like silver better than gold.. sigh... you should read the books they're really good! way better than the movies.
ps you can call me now i'm done with the book!