Thursday, July 26

I'm a joiner!

So I joined the Sock a Month KAL! I'm really enjoying knitting socks but I need some motivation to get some done. The best part is that it is a low pressure KAL. If you don't finish a pair that month its no big deal, but if you do you might win a prise! How fun is that?!

I have acquired a good amount of sock yarn over the past year or two and would like to see them as socks. Don't get me wrong the balls/skeins are pretty by themselves but I hear them at
night whispering to me that they long to be knit! Plus I feel guilty when I see some sock yarn and want to buy it but I have some at home that isn't being made into socks. With this KAL I'll be able to buy more yarn!

Because of my new KAL and sock swap I've wanted to get a cute little sock knitting project bag. I've seen a few around blogland but right now I don't have the funds to purchase one. A few weeks ago I cut off some jeans and made them into capri's. I didn't want to toss out the bottom part of the leg because I knew it could be used for something.

Yesterday it came to me! I'll make that extra denim into a sock bag! So I gathered my supplies and on the way to the zoo, I made this! Sure its not the cutest but I like it, and for no money, what can be better than that?! I cut little holes in the hem and weaved a shoe lace through for a drawstring!

I've been working on G's buddy bag, its coming along. I did decide to do one thing differently. So I wouldn't have to seam up the bottom later I did the first two rows in a k1 sl1 and then transferred the sts to the correct needles and started knitting in the round. Now I have one less seam to do! I was quite excited about that!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sock KAL info. Love the sock bag--really cute! Do you still have the other cut-off jean part??? :) The Buddy bags are really great - the kids must love them!


Bobbi said...

ME too, SAM4. You can do it.
What a great little bag from your jeans, too!

Karen said...

I'm so happy you joined and I can't wait to see the wonderful socks you knit. We're up to some crazy number of members - like 149 - already and 7 more to add that came in today. It's going to be so much fun. I love your denim sock bag!! I made one like that out of a pair of flannel jammies - they had a hole in the butt and I couldn't bear to part with them. So I cut off the legs and made a sock bag.

Allena said...

rock on it's totally cute!
you go girl.. if only i had time! and a working sewing machine!

Anne said...

Cunning way to avoid seaming - I'm hormonal at the mo, so to avoid thinking, I'll just ask - does that mean you cast on twice as many stitches - i.e. if you need 20 stitches for each of the front and back, you cast on 40, but alternate ones end up on opposite sides?)

(Hmmm - maybe just doing the thinking would have been easier than finding the words to ask...)

jessica said...

Yep Anne, thats right, it you would keep going it would be double knitting and the right side of the garment would be inside... Very cool technique, from those baby bootied out of Last Minute Knitted Gifts!

sue said...

Love the blue buddy bag. Great combo of colors. I wish I too could be in Ravenclaw so I could wear the blue and silver too, as they are my favourite colors as well.

Becca said...

Cute sock bag!! That's a great idea for an old pair of jeans.

Friender said...

I *LOVE* your sock bag! big fan of denim over here.