Wednesday, July 11

Fresh veggie goodness!

What can you make with all of these fresh home grown veggies?!

Well you can add all these things together and make a yummy pasta dish!

Here is the garlic, red onion(sorry not pictured) yellow squash and the zucchini doing a happy dance with some olive oil in the pan :o)

Add the tomato (one can buzzed up in a blender, the other whole), blanched broccoli and hit it with some parmesan cheese and you have yourself some fresh veggie goodness! Don't forget the fresh baked millet and cracked wheat bread!

That was our lunch today! I love it that I can go outside with the kids and show them where vegetables come from, not just from the store. We plant them, water them, hope they get a bunch of sunshine, pick them, prep them and then finally, eat them!

One of our little sugarsun(little orange) tomatoes are almost ripe... That means that soon we will be overflowing with tomatoes! I can't wait!

Last night I cast on for my pink socks! I decided to do a heel flap. I've never done one before... so I found this and tried my best. I'm still not done with the gusset, but i decided to blog while the kids are napping. I can knit later when they are in bed, after I clean the house. Also I did a Eye Of Partridge Heel Flap Do the ckicky thing to see where I got the pattern :0) Very cool, I like it a bunch. I'm thinkin that this heel will fit better than a short row heel, like I've done in the past. Its always fun to try something new, and further you knowledge in the knitting world!


Karen said...

Yummy!!! I am really regretting that I didn't get to plant a garden this year - but it's fun to live it through your pictures!! Your heel flap came out wonderful. I love the way flaps and gussets fit - let us know what you think when you finish. :)

Samantha said...

I love your pink sock! Very nice, and definitely pink. :)

Yum, veggies! Gotta love fresh veggies. That's practically the only way my kids will eat 'em.