Tuesday, July 10

Wow, 3 years....

This past Sunday was my 3rd knitaversary! Yes folks three years ago on Sunday(July 8th 2004) I Went to my first yarn shop, attended my first ever knitting night (chix with stix) and started my first swatch (out of Rowans wool cotton, on US 8's, i think). I learned how to knit and purl that night!(that ones for you Heather;o)

And I owe it all to Amy! Around that time I didn't really have many friends. I was a fairly new mother, G was one. I was, and am, younger than other mothers typically are but I didn't really feel like I was, just a bit out of place. Anyways I'm getting off the subject. Because of you, Amy, I've made a lot of close knit friendships! Thank you! If it wasn't for you asking me, even though I was a bit hesitant, and telling me (not offering) that you would come by and pick me up on that Thursday to take me out to this shop. I would have never known the joy of knitting and more importantly I would have never made such good friends! God used you to help me, so thanks for sharing your passion with me!

OK enough with the mushy gushy!

Hubby wanted something to put his MP3 player in so.... this is what I made. I used some left over sock yarn! Which is good cause I never know what to make with all the little balls left over. I'm going to attach it to some elastic so he can wear it around his arm while riding his bike to work... I tried knitting a band that was ribbed but it wasn't elastic enough to stay in place. The only thing I could think of using was fixation... but i figure that for him elastic is just fine :o) Then I'll make one for me so I can wear it while running. I have just been tucking it in under my bra strap, that not too weird is it?! It worked...

So a blogless friend of mine decided to gift me with present. it was unexpected but very welcomed!

While she was on vacation she saw this and thought of me! I do love all things pink! I have been wanting to start a pair of socks! What better way of d
oing that then with this yummy pink sock yarn?!

Does any one know a good pattern for socks out of fixation?

So I just found this KAL.... I think I might join!

Ok bummer, so I just read that she isn't accepting new signups anymore... but to feel free to grab the button... so i did!


Karen said...

Happy Knitaversary!!! I'm so glad to hear knitting has brought you many good friends at a time when you needed them. :) Love the pretty pink fixation. And the MP3 Cozy is adorable!!

sue said...

Happy knitaversary too! I cant believe you only started knitting 3 years ago. Love the MP3 player cover, so cool. The pink Cascade Fixation looks very nice, and I hear it has quite a bit of elasticity in it too.

Beth said...

Jessica! You've only been knitting for 3 years!! You are so talented!! Wow!! Three years well spent! :) You amaze me!