Tuesday, September 4


Yes people we have yarn!

Its 100% merino roving.... so yummy and soft!

Remember that big pink ball of roving I got for my birthday back in June?! well I finished spinning it on Sunday night, plyed it(navajo), and gave it a bath to work out all the kinks. Now I have some beautiful yarn. I put it outside yesterday to dry but that was one of the days that it really wasn't too warm, so it finished drying last night, inside.

I love it! (except for the fact that on part of it I over supn the singles and there are some twisty harder parts. I blame it on me trying to spin it while on a float for a parade) Now I just need to figure out what to do with it. Its rather bulky, thought I haven't figured out what needles to use yet. There are approximately 283 yards. I figured out how much went around the niddy noddy and then counted my wraps... voila, yardage!

I'm thinking I'll make a hat and mittens? or maybe a little shrug?! I'm really not sure, What would you make with this? This is the first dyed roving I've used, I can't wait to get some more!!! Next time I think I'll get some superwash and try my hand at spinning sock yarn, I've been wanting to for a while now.

Last night while waiting for this to dry I started a sock with my cherry tree hill yarn. I love the colors, so pretty! I'm doing a pattern off of knitty, can you tell what pattern it is?! Its fun watching the pattern emerge and seeing the colors play out.

We hit another milestone yesterday, pulling herself up to a stand. Please don't mind the mess behind her ;O)

And this one just beca
use, I really really like this picture. I took it while I was spinning on Sunday. She loves watching the wheel go round and round!


Friender said...

Wow, i'm impressed! The yarn is gorgeous. I'd say hat and scarf or hat and mittens, but I'm not usually a shrug girl (I don't have anywhere to wear a shrug!).

Bobbi said...

I think I know a hippo"Pomatomus" when I see one. Good job all around.

Karen said...

Wow, that yarn came out so pretty!! I'm so awed by all of you talented people who can spin your own yarn. Wow!

sue said...

The yarn looks very pretty. I love the sock pattern too, so nice. Chloe is so clever and such a beautiful girl.

Allena said...

the yarn is wonderful! and the sock is potomomous. SP??
i can't believe how big Chloe is getting so big! and what a cutie!

Holly said...

I vote for a hat and mittens :~) I spun some pink last year for dd and that's how it ended up!

DawnK said...

Your yarn is pretty! I think I saw it at the knitting night. That's so cool that you dyed it and spun it yourself!

peaceangel said...

I love your handspun!! It is so beautiful.
Happy Knitting

Lynds said...

Gorgeous yarn! Inspires me to try spinning, at some point anyway!

I use bulky yarn to knit my girls a bolero, this is the one i made for my oldest, the youngest is going to have a brown one once I finish some WIP's.

bolero picture/pattern at flickr