Saturday, September 29

Felted bag

Felted bag
By Jessica Gutoski

-Cascade 220, 3 skeins total: (MC 2 skeins CC 1 skein )
-US #15 24in circular needle
-4 stitch markers
-1 stitch holder, or waste yarn
-darning needle (Chibi)

Gauge: 10 sts = 4in *holding 2 strands of yarn
together, pre-felting.
Finished measurements: After felting 10 inches from
base to opening. The straps are 26 inches from side to side. (This all depends on what yarn you use!)

MC ~ main color
CC ~ contrasting color
CO ~ cast on
K ~ knit
PU ~ pick up
PM ~ place marker
St(s) ~ stitch / stitches
RT ~ Right Twist (K 2nd st on needle without slipping sts off, K 1st st on needle, then slip both
sts off needle.)
BO ~ bind off
St st ~ stockinette stitch

Getting started:
-Holding 2 strands of MC, CO 27 sts. Work 26 rows in garter st ( 13 garter ridges).
-With 27 sts on the needle PM. PU 13 sts and PM. PU 27 sts and PM. PU 13 sts, PM and join in
the round.
-*K to within 2 sts of marker, RT, sl marker* Repeat from* until piece measures 12 inches
from base.
-Switch to CC and K 8 rounds.
-BO 27 sts on one of the long sides, K13 sts. K27 sts and place on a holder. K 13 sts.
-CO 57 sts, K13 sts, CO 57 sts, K 13 sts.
-K 4 rounds. BO all sts, break yarn.
-Pick up the 27 sts on the holder and with the
K side facing join yarn. K 28 rows in Stst. BO all
Weave in all of your ends and prepare to felt
your bag.

Set your washer to the hottest cycle and toss in
your bag, along with an older pair of jeans (for
added agitation). Put a tiny bit of detergent in
and start it up! Take your bag out from time to
time to check on it. (I like to check my felting
every 5 min or so) Be careful!!!! You may want
to wear gloves because the water is HOT!
Once it is the size you would like, let it go thru
the spin cycle. Take it out and shape it: stuff it
with plastic bags or something rectangular to
hold the shape and let it dry. This might take a
day or two. Attach a button or a snap to close
the flap if you desire.


Bobbi said...

I LOVE it!!! I'm going to have to stop at the shop this week and pick up 3 enabler, you!

Friender said...

*cute* bag!

Diane said...

Like this a lot, though would maybe make the straps longer to suit me..thanks

Tahlia said...

I am somewhat new to knitting, where do I pick up stitches from?