Tuesday, September 11

butterfly & sunflowers

While in the misdt of finishing my market tote I saw this right outside my front window.

Don't mind the bluryness
of the screen ;O)

These things are really tall, I'm guessing about 10 feet, at least! What a beautiful butterfly!

I've got a whole other post (about my weekend) but am waiting for a call to have premission to post a picture of my friend... She is a busy one!

soon very soon :O)


Catherine Kerth said...

wow 10 feet! my neighbors had some last year that only got about 6 feet tall. and i thought that was impressive ;) Brandon enjouyed seeing your picture of the buterfly....thanks for making his day ;)

rainberry said...

wow those are really tall! that's neat that you got a picture of the butterfly on the sunflower.

DawnK said...

Pretty flowers! Sunflowers are my favorite!