Wednesday, September 5

WIP wednesday

Yep these are my WIPs.

Well sort of. One is just a swatch of my handspun. I really had no idea of what size needle to use. I tried a US size 10 1/2 I think it looks pretty good.

I just love seeing my own handspun yarn in a nice little cake. It makes me smile!

I've started another market tote. Actually this one is for hubby when hunting and needs to cary things(gadgets, lunch and
whatnot), so he asked for one in camo... this is the best I could come up with, I haven't seen a camo cotton yet ;O) And yes, that is the pomatomus sock by Cookie A. I like it so far! But I knit on 2 circulars and its written for dbpts... we'll see how that goes, I'm sure it wont be hard to figure out, the glass is always half full!

So I totaly forgot to show you all the pictures of the kids milking a cow... well a fake one! They loved it and got a sticker saying "I milked a cow today!" Its always nice to show them where things really come from... not just the store.

We had quite the hauling today from the garden! I made C some baby food, in the way of green beans and broccoli. I'm starting to stock up, she's a healthy eater! She loves food veggies and fruit alike! Also I'm going away for the weekend and I want to make it easy on hubby. He isn't use to being with them 24/7 and I want to make it as stress free as possible for them. I want them to have a fun daddy filled weekend! So I'm making a bunch of food and freezing it so all he has to do is throw it in the microwave.

On that note I'm a bit sad at leaving her... she is 7 months today. So little, yet so big. On the other hand its is an awesome ladies retreat and most of my friends from church are going. Its great to get away and have some time for myself and God. Uninterrupted by the kids and the chaos that comes with them. I'm a little hesitant but I know I need a break, life has been crazy lately, hence all the knitting. Knitting is my relaxing me time. We leave on Friday at 1pm. I'm excited!

Friday is also G's first day at pre-k. We got to meet his teacher and see his class room today, he was a little shy but pretty e
xcited. I can't believe he'll be going to school... Wow, they grow so so fast.

Yesterday hubby brought some heirloom tomatoes home from work. We are going to
save/dry out the seeds so we can plant them next year!

OK so I know this blog is more than predictable these days... sorry for that. But that is j
ust how my life is right now. I feel like all I blog about is the kids, the garden, and some knitting and yarn every now and then...

With that said, C ventured off of the blanked today... she loves grass. The only problem, she rips it out and eats it, well tries to anyways.

I'll probably get another post in before I leave on Friday, but if not, have a wonderful weekend! I know I will!


sue said...

It is great to have some time for yourself and recollect your thoughts. A happy mummy makes happy kids. I cannot believe you only have 3 projects on the go, good for you. Love the socks too and cant wait to see how they turn out. I hope G enjoys his first day too.

Karen said...

It's so wonderful that C loves her veggies . . . but maybe not the grass. LOL I love reading about and seeing the kids and the garden along with the knitting - so keep it up!! :) I love your Pomotomus socks and I'm sure you'll have no problems doing it on two circs. I find if I run into trouble on anything, I just Google and find plenty of tutorials to walk me through.

Melissa said...

Have fun at ladies retreat! Wish I could go this year.

Holly said...

Hope you had a wonderful time!!!