Sunday, September 16

baby socks

I've been working on a few things and didn't think I could finish my pomatomus socks by the end of September(for the SAM4). So I made some socks for C. I know I took the easy way out but they went sooo fast! Just 2 days of here and there knitting! I followed this basic baby sock pattern.

The other reason I knit them is that I'm going to be teaching a class on baby socks& hats at my LYS and decided to brush up on it ;O) I got both the yarn and needles from my LYS, both were very nice to work with! The needles even have the shops name and number on them, very cool touch!

Start date: Sep 14th
End date: Sep 16th
Yarn: Baby Ull Dalegarn
Pattern: Just your basic baby socks
Needles: ChiaoGoo bamboo needles(dpns)
Recipient: Chloe

On a side note, I've kind of taken a step back from blogging. While I love it, sometimes it takes over my day. That, I don't like. I do like recording what I knit and how my family is and what the kids have been up to. But sometimes I feel obligated to comment on all of the other blogs I read. And doing that sometimes takes up quite a bit of time. Time that is taken away from other things I value. Don't get me wrong I love reading other's blogs and still will but if i don't comment don't feel like I'm not there reading. I will be, just not on a daily basis. I want to stay on top of my house hold duties and more importantly I want to spend time on my relationship with God. I know I neglect that a lot more than I should. But I'm taking a stand for whats important to me and I'm finally doing something about it! Sorry if that's too much info for you, but hey, that's me and who I am. And this is my blog, my computerised scrapbook(as I like to think of it).

So I hope you still come to visit, I love hearing from all of you and love catching up with you on your blogs :O) I do promise to keep you posted on the kids, my knitting and spinning. Oh and my little C is starting to "walk" along the furniture...


Karen said...

Oooohh, those socks are so cute!! :)

Bobbi said...

Never feel "obligated" to comment. Quite frequently I only do so when "moved"'ve moved me.
That, and I finished the baby sweater and could've used a 3-6 month old to model it! She's such a cutey in her pink socks....totally would've blended with the finished cardi!

sue said...

C's baby socks are so cute, and a few people seem to be knitting baby socks at the moment. I will have to try it out too for a few gifties.

Anonymous said...

The socks are as sweet as they can be (so are those cutie little baby feet!) Your priorities are right, Jessica. God will honor and bless you and your family for those choices.


Chrissy said...


DawnK said...

Cute socks and cute model!

Renee said...

Very cute socks. Chloe is getting so big! Who told her she could do that.

I hear you about the blog taking over your life. I have found it better to concentrate on my own blog, read the ones I like and comment occationally. It might be selfish but I too see the blog as a bit of a scrapbook and I'm not going to burn out trying to keep up with a zillion feeds.

kimberly said...

Sooo cute!