Saturday, September 29

Baby Ball Rattle

Baby Ball Rattle

By Jessica Gutoski


Yarn: Soft Cotton by The Viking Trading Company

Needles: US 6 circulars (2 pair) or double points; darning needle

Stuffing: I used Morning Glory Cluster Stuff; rattle element (Kitty toy/plastic ball with a bell inside)

Guage: 5 sts = 1inch

Finished Dimensions:

About 6 inches long and 3 to 4 inches wide, depending on the size you make.


Both sizes

- CO 8 sts join in the round

1: Inc (k in front and back) in every st. (16sts)

2: K all sts

3: P all sts

4: K until 3 inches from P round

5: *K2tog K2* repeat from *

6: K all sts

7: P all sts

8: *inc1 K2*

9: K all sts

10: *K1 inc 1 (raise bar increase, k thru back of loop)*(32sts)

11: K all sts

12: *K4 inc 1*

13: K all sts

14: *K5 inc 1*

Larger Rattle only

15: K all sts

16: *K6 inc 1*

17: K7 rnds

Larger rattle only

18: *K5 K2tog*

19: K1 rnd

20: *K4 K2tog*

21: K all sts

22: *K3 K2tog*

23: K all sts

24: *K2 k2tog*

- Stop, turn inside out and weave in the beginning end. Turn right side out and stuff, put the rattle part in too!

25: K all sts

26: *K1 K2tog*

27: K all sts

28: *K2tog* (8sts)

- Break yarn and pull through all sts. Weave in end!

- Give to baby and watch the cuteness!

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Samantha said...

Awesome! I will be knitting one of these!!