Wednesday, September 12

hunting tote

So here is the tote all finished(the ends are weaved in too). I threw some apples in to show how nicely it accommodates things! I really like it and will use it when hubby isn't! I still chuckle that I made him a purse :O) heehee. I mean... Its a hunting tote!

I need to get rocking on my socks...(for the sam kal4) the month is almost half way done and I don't even have half a sock let alone a pair. Ahhhh!

Maybe I'll whip out some socks for C, that's the easy way out! Hmmm decisions decisions.


Allena said...

i so need to get to making a bag like that!

sue said...

The bag looks great Jessica. I am sure your husband wont mind you using it. It seems to carry quite a bit too.

Karen said...

Ooohhh, it's so pretty. Uuuumm, I mean so TOUGH AND MANLY. *grin*

Samantha said...

Wow! It looks great! :)