Friday, September 21


Well we've had a few days of it anyways... Its been cold and then hot like every other day for the past week or so... Just pick a season and stick with it already! I hate having two season of clothing out, it makes for a messy kids room. Today was one of the icky hot days.

On Monday the girls and I went to the local children's museum. we didn't stay too long, G needed to be picked up at 11:30 ish. I try to do fun things for L because of her being sad that her brother is gone, plus it helps me stay on top of things and not just have lazy days :O)

I really like this picture of C. I have a similar one G when he was about that age looking in a mirror at me, too cute!

On Wednesday we went out to friends of my in laws and picked apples(they have a huge tree). That was something I've been wanting to do for a couple of years now. I remember going apple picking every year with my family as a kid. Such fond memories! I want it to be a tradition with my family now. I think my kids will love it when they are older too.

It was rather warm out that day, but the kids had fun and now we need to start canning some apples! We have so many apples, hubby has eaten about 10 a day, seriously! He is weird like that, he'll get on a kick and eat a lot of something for a while. Plus it helps that they were free! I cooked down a bunch of apples for C, she loves them! But then again she loves all food so far ;O) She is such a social eater, what a girl!

C is starting to sleep through the night! I'm so happy! I'm not nursing in the night at all so we decided to move her out of out room! Doing that means moving her into G & L's room.... So we bunked them up! They were so excited about it! Unfortunately they didn't get that good of a nap today because of it... But because of that they are zonked out now! Wish us luck with C's first night with the big kids (and without mommy) ! I hope all goes well and if she does cry that the other two are deep sleepers. The cool thing was that this was my and my brothers old bunk beds, it brought back the memories! I think I want to get some tooling and make L's part a bit girly, she keeps wanting to go on top...

After our non nap today we took some not so nice apples to the llamas out at the shop. They loved them!


kimberly said...

Aren't bunk beds the best? We did the same with our kids and they are very happy. I love the walls around the bed.

sue said...

The kids look so peaceful sleeping together in their bunk beds. I love the murals on their walls too, so creative. The llamas are so cute. I used to take my kids strawberry picking, and we used to go cherry picking too. I have to wait until Summer here to do that. Paul's grandparents used to have an apple orchard but havent done so for about 14 yrs now, but apparently fresh off the tree is best.