Saturday, September 1

FO and the Fair!

So can I technically call it a FO if I didn't weave in the ends yet?!

Assuming I can because its mine and I say what goes I finished
my elisa nest tote today while driving (actually hubby drove) to and from the fair!

I was so excited and wanted to try it out I didn't have time to weave the ends in before going out to the garden and picking the latest and greatest veggies! I promise I'll weave them in tonight when the kids go to bed!

OK back to the tote, it holds a lot of veggies! I mean a lot! Inside are the following: 4 cucumbers, 3 yellow squash, 1 big orange pepper, a whole bunch of little red and orange tomatoes, a big handful of green beans, a large zucchini(about as big as my forearm), a few Roma tomatoes and a few larger variety tomatoes. That's a lot of stuff if you ask me. I was surprised how much fit in there. Now having made one I want to go buy some fun colored cotton and make a few more! Actually I like how this cotton knit up for this pattern. I had originally bought it back when I was making a bunch of baby bibs and burp cloths (from Mason Dixon Knitting) for a friend. I didn't like how the yellow pooled, it looked like a dog peed on the bib. I'm glad it worked for this tote! I think it looks quite summerie(is that a word?!).

It can also hold other things, like books from the library!

He was happy holding it but it started getting heavy...

See his head?! Hubby had me shave off his hair and G had to be like daddy, so off his hair went. I should have done it a month ago, when it was sooo hot out.

Yes we went to the fair, L wanted to go see the pigs first, she's been in a Charlotte's web phase lately. Well not really we haven't been watching much of anything lately but last week when we were at the library they cleaned up so well and listened, I rewarded them with picking out a few movies. One of them was Charlotte's web 2, hence the pigs.

Of course I wanted to go and see the sheep, but most of them were sleeping, it was hot and icky out! I don't blame them! I was surprised to see these with their wool still on their little bodies... Romney lambs I think?!

Then there were a bunch of these guys, all naked, tee hee ;O)

e ended the trip with a bag of cotton candy. I love the stuff and only get to eat it once a year! As expected L made a mess of herself. Notice the cotton candy all over her and the water bottle :O)


Melissa said...

Hi Jessica,
I love how the bag turned out! There's a farmers market I've been going to here in Missouri and buying fresh and cheap veggies from the Mennonites.
I'm so sorry I didn't get to say hi to you when we were in Sheboygan. I saw you and after I had finished talking to whoever I was with, I turned around to see you and you were gone. Forgive me. :(
Hope you are doing well. I love keeping up with you on your blog. :)


Jess said...

The bag turned out great! They're very handy, aren't they?

Good to see you had fun at the fair! We've been to our state fair twice this year and while it was fun, there are just too many people here. The kids got overwhelmed and acted like little heathens, just like 87% of the other kids there. We fit right in! LOL

Friender said...

Very nice! I love your FO. Beautiful and useful--perfect. Your kids are darling.

sue said...

Your market bag turned out great. I suppose the only problem with them holding so much is being able to carry them too isnt it. G looks good with his head shaved, which reminds me I must do my son's again this week. His hair grows so quickly. Chloe looks so cute not crawling onto the tiles, perhaps their a wee bit cold for her knees.

Karen said...

I love your bag!! Mine's been sadly neglected - I'd better get myself in gear and pick it up again. I can't wait to use it now. The fair looks like it was so much fun!

DawnK said...

I love your market bag! It sure does hold a lot! I might have to make myself one!