Tuesday, September 11


I think that about sums up my weekend! Just plain beautiful.

Ok Ok, Isn't our creator awesome for making this world, so beautiful?! I was in awe this weekend and tried to just to take it all in. It was pretty relaxing, besides all the pumping I had to do...

We went to LLBC for our yearly ladies retreat. I love it there.

Such a great time to reflect and collect your thoughts. This is what I saw on Saturday morning... I sat on a swing and took it all in.

Besides me was a chipmunk running around and up a tree. I saw a fish, plunk, then the beautiful peaceful lake rippled... Next was the two goldfinches (I think) hopping around the tree right above me. I can't believe I didn't have my camera with me at the time otherwise I would have pics of all the animals! I love all the nature.

The night before was so clear and the stars were out and gorgeous. I could have stayed out there all night. But being that I was kid free I opted to get a good nights sleep:O)

Speaking of sleep, we are in the middle of trying to get C sleeping through the night. She has been getting worse the past month or so, waking up every hour or two and wanting to nurse... So while I was gone Hubby started the no eating at night thing. He said it went well and my first night back she didn't eat until 5am... which was good. But I was up to give her her nuk a few times. I'm still happy with the progress though, I'm hopeful that in a week or so she'll be sleeping through the night with no help. Then she can be moved out of our room and into the kids room. (we only have two bedrooms, and I didn't want to put her in there if she was going to be up all night, especially with G in school now, he needs his sleep)

So back to my weekend. There was a talented speaker who touched some points in my life, it was good to here. I only hope I can remember all she said and put into practice what I learned. I also learned from others this weekend, not just the speaker, but my friends. I'm so thankful for all the friendships I have and have made, new and old. Its really nice to have some deep conversations with people you love and trust! That always seems to happen here. Maybe that is why I like it so much, I actually have time to dig deeper than the hey how are you and what did you do this week... Its great to get to know the other ladies of my church and find out that we have more in common than I thought.

This is where I spent most of it knitting. These lovely benches were in the perfect spot. Slightly shady yet still sunny to keep you warm! When I looked up I saw this. I love looking up under trees, so pretty! I worked on the tote bag and my cherry tree hill socks, but mostly the tote. When others were around and talking it was hard to concentrate on the socks. I'll post progress pics later in the week.

I also went out in a paddle boat with a good friend of mine. I have to admit that we knit more than we paddled! We spent more than an hour out there, so peaceful and relaxing!

All in all It was a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

It WAS a beautiful weekend - and it was great re-living it through your wonderful pictures and great descriptions -- it was awesome! God is awesome!! I know we all learned alot -- and you're right, we need to remember it and put it into practice. (And who knew knitting and paddling could be such fun?! :) Paulette

sue said...

How lovely for you. It looks wonderful, and sounds so relaxing too. What a wonderful way to re-energise yourself. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures too.

Allena said...

looks wonderful!

Karen said...

What gorgeous pictures! I can't begin to imagine how much prettier it all was in real life. I'm glad to hear you had such a wonderful time too.