Monday, September 10

Gabe's first day!

So here he is, on his first day of school, ever.

I couldn't believe this day had come. Those 4 years went by so quickly. Notice his semi happy nervous smile. Hubby had off and we all took him to school together.

He asked "daddy, are you going to stay at school with me?!"

Hubby/Daddy "No, we are going to take you to your class and then leave, but we'll come back when school is done!"

G "OK I'll be brave"

It was too cute! Of course L had to have her backpack too. I had to draw on hers too, you know name and address and all. So now she had hers written in her backpack too :O)

We made the mistake of asking what he wanted for breakfast on his first day of school. He replied, bacon, bacon and eggs, bacon, eggs and pancakes! So that's what we had. Luckily I had some bacon in the freezer. Its not a normal thing in our house. The once a year BLT's from the garden but that pretty much it. Its a little too good if you know what I mean ;O)

Here they are on our way too school, notice L's happy face.

He went in just fine, he was excited! His teacher said he had a great day!

This is L after we dropped him off. She loves her big brother. I think this year is going to be a hard one for her.

I wanted to post about this on Friday, when it happened. Things got a little crazy getting him off to school and then trying to pack and get to my churches parking lot by 1pm... so here I am a few days late... More on my weekend to come... It was good and relaxing...


sue said...

Congratulations to Gabe for being such a big school boy. He looks so excited. Poor Leah will feel lonely without him home but at least she will have Chloe to keep her entertained.

Anne said...

And how are you coping with your big boy all grown up? Ruth always found it hard to be left behind. Even now, when she's started pre-school, she's not impressed that she's not in Adam's class... (He's 2 years older than her.)

Sonya said...

Congrats to Gabe! What a big milestone. It's wonderful that you were able to make it such a special day.

Karen said...

He looks SO brave and happy. Good for him. I'm so glad he had a wonderful first day. Poor L looks like she was more upset than he was. I'm sure it's tough to be younger and left behind.

Amy Lu said...

Oh, you could land an airplane on that lip! Awwwww, poor Lea-lea.

I remember Iris's first day, is Gabe really that big?!? It's so hard to believe!

Allena said...

man the years go too fast! what a cute pix of leah! such a sweetie!