Tuesday, April 3

Craft time!

This morning my niece Lilly came over and brought along some pony beads! We had a necklace making session! They were busy for 1/2 an hour! It was loads of fun. The next time I want to keep them busy for a while I know I can pull out some beads and let them go to town!

I used to make lots of bracelets and necklaces back in my day. I have a big box of all sorts of beads at my parents house. I think I'll look around for it the next time I'm there.

Its so much fun having craft time with the kids. I wish I did it more often. They really like it and I do too.

The other day I was coloring with G. He and L picked out the same
coloring books at the store and I was using L's and he was using his. I picked out a picture with a giraffe, so did he. Then I started coloring in all the spots brown. He asked for the brown crayon when I was done, and then proceeded to color his spots brown too. Then I decided to color the rest to the giraffe pink, and from that point on he colored everything the same color that I did. It was really cute. Here is a picture of both of our completed art!

I'm still working on L's sweater.... but its the same as C's so I won't boar you with pics you've already seen. Tonight is spinning night but I have no one to watch the older two kids and don't want to pay a sitter or anything... so looks like I have to wait one more month to go.

Next monday I start back at work... I'm sure it won't be too bad, except for the fact that I'll go in at 4am... C actually slept for 6 1/2 hours last night! I couldn't believe it when I woke up at 6:45 to her fussing, usually she's up around 4 or 5 ish. I hope this continues! The other two kids only let me sleep for a few hour at a time until I stopped nursing them. This is GREAT! Keep it up C!

She is always smiling when I get her in her car seat... thought I'd share with you all!

kNiT hApPy!


Renee said...

What a cute little smile. Claire likes pony beads too and does quite well with them for her age but I've had to put them away for a while. Jillian crawls so fast and everything goes in her mouth.

Allena said...

gabe is coloring so well. you don't bore me with the pix of projects so share away! love the beads.
make me some bread. it won't be that bad the extra moola will be nice

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess, it's Andie! Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I've been keeping up with your blog....love all the updates on the kiddies! I had to laugh when I read your comment about making necklaces/bracelets back in your day. You are the QUEEN of bracelet making! Chloe is adorable, looks like all is well! Love ya lots. :)


Renee said...

I don't have your email address but I wanted to respond to your 'potty' comment on my blog. I think the big potty was a big part of Claire's problem. With the little one she can control when she goes on and off but with the big one she was at my mercy. She has control issues so having a little bit of control goes a long way with her. I don't know what Leah is like but if she resists it might be worth a try (if you buy a potty, don't get the cheapest one out there....they tip and scare the kids).

sue said...

Gabe is good at coloring in. Isabelle loves coloring in too, and keeps inside all the lines too. I love the beads, looks like a great way to keep the kids occupied for a little while. Chloe looks so cute smiling away, and I cant believe you have to go back to work so soon.

Diane said...

Chloe is beautiful! What a cutie.