Wednesday, April 11

April snow brings...

Dead flowers? Seriously whats going to happen to my pretty little flowers.

Its snowing like crazy. here is a shot from the front door, I'm not going out. Its really wet and heavy snow and its still coming down. In fact church was canceled tonight. G is in Cubbies, part of Awana. He loves it and *bonus* it helps me memorise scripture too. The only bad part is that L throws a fit when she can't go in the class. poor little girl. They have to be three to be in it. She is going to have to wait until not this next school year but the one after that... Like i said, poor girl. She is very social, but aren't most girls?!

Actually since having C my dad has been taking him. But L still knows whats up and gets upset. At least we are at home, I don't feel as bad when she throws a fit here. Here she is in a night gown, she just started wearing them and loves it! Can you tell?!

When Hubby came home the other two were napping, so he got some qualitity one on one Chloe time. She really enjoyed that!

These are our favorite new games. Thanks to my MIL we've been playing them all day long! She got them for the kids for Easter... G likes singing the song "hungry hungry hippos, hungry hungry hippos" its rather cute.

Not much else is going on here, maybe I'll get to knit tonight... who knows.

kNiT hApPy!


Amanda said...

Weather is crummy here too. You kids are adorable. Our fave game is hungry hungry hippos, my boys would go crazy with that game.

sue said...

Great easter games for the kids. I used to play Hungry Hippo with my son when he was smaller too. I love the look on C's face at her daddy, just so precious.