Monday, April 30

Wallaby progress

I could barely wait to cast on G's wallaby Saturday night. Its going rather quickly. Last night I finished the pouch. I'm super excited about it, I'd really like to make one for myself too. But some how I don't knit for myself that often.

Just a few minutes ago I could hear G giggling and went to see what was so funny. C was sucking on his thumb. Of course I snapped a few so I could share. He is such a sweet big brother who loves his little sisters!

On saturday I decided to wash the van because it was really nice out. I washed it at my parents house (because we don't have a driveway and didn't want the kids to be tempted to run out on the street like mommy). All is going as planned. I wash the van and then start to rinse the van. While rinsing the van the water runs down the driveway and forms a puddle on the sidewalk. Of course it being nice out the kids want to play in the water, Ok, no problem. A few seconds later I turn around to look at the kids... and G is butt naked jumping in the puddle! I had to fight back the urge to laugh and calmly explain to him that we do not take our close off outside. My parents and I got a kick out of it. I took some pics after he put his clothes back on. They were full of mud when they were done and went in to take a bath before dinner. All in all it was a good day!

Thanks to everyone and their comments about L. She is doing much better, and eating normal again. She is happy again, its good to have her back!

In spite of her being sick we continued to potty train her. It is going really well. She has a few accidents now and then but basically shes got the hang of it. We put diapers on her for naps and bed time but other than that she wears underwear and keeps them dry. I'm totally excited that I only have one in diapers! GO L!

kNiT hApPy!


sue said...

I am so glad to hear that L is much better. I love the pics of the kids playing in the puddles too, how funny he stripped off. My sister used to do that when she was little too, run outside and take all her clothes off. I love G's wallaby sweater too, how nice.

Allena said...

OH i love Leah's piggy tails! The destroyer will not leave anything like that in her hair... sigh..
we're potty training too. andy doesn't like to do the accidents so we're going with pull ups. that pix of gabe and chloe are sooo cute! i'm still laughing about the naked run!