Friday, April 27

One more hat.

I finished Leah's version of the the girls' hats... I just switched the order of the yarn so they weren't identical:) C's was 72 sts and L's was 88sts. Just a basic k3 p1 rib. For the ruffled edge I doubled the amount of sts I needed, k 4 rows then *K2 tog (3times) P2 tog* all the way around I think they turned out pretty cute. I couldn't get a good one of L. She is still feeling the pain from the thrush. But I think it is getting a tiny bit better. She is trying to eat a little. some things are ok but others just hurt and make her cry and stop eating... my poor little girl. After nap time today she was actually in a pretty good mood. Until I give her her next dose of medicine... arhg. Only 7 more days of it. I just can't wait until my little girl is back to her normal smiley self.

Until next time .... kNiT hApPy!


Allena said...

love the hats!

Friender said...

those hats are adorable! I love the ruffles. I have wanted to do that before but didn't know how. Thanks for the explanation, and thanks for the comment on my blog! I hope your little one feels better soon.

sue said...

The girls look so adorable in their matching hats. Very pretty, and I hope L feels better soon.