Wednesday, April 25

Where does the time go?!

I've noticed that since starting back at work the beginning of the week seems to pass me by so quickly. I don't get my blog time in as much as I'd like.

Example a.

I was going to show you this picture on the left and say that I've started C's spring hat, but now I can show you the one on the right and say that it is finished. Sorry about the crying... she really wasn't as upset as she looks, I promise. I do think its a "why are you taking my picture when I'm hungry?!!" even though she ate not even two hours ago... Silly little girl. Mommy needs her picture for the blog:) Plus, I think you need a few pictures of them crying as a baby, its cute!

I also made the smallest pair of panties for L's dolly. They went quickly and were super easy. I'll be starting either a sweater or a skirt next... The possibilities are endless. I can't wait!

Today we had some craft time, making salt dough. I borrowed a craft book form the library. It has a bunch of cool ideas. The kids played
with it for a while and then we cut out a bunch of shapes (with cookie cutters) and G even made some beads! After nap time I think we'll paint them. Sometimes I think I like doing crafts more than the kids do. I actually have something special planned for most of the shapes, but that is all I can say before I ruin the surprise!

Ok just so you don't think I'm a horrible mother here is a pic of C 2 seconds after the crying one... see she is just complaining:)

Potty training is going well with L. She does have a few accidents but that is expected. I'm excited for the day when I only have one in diapers again.

While we are on the subject of L, she has been waking from her naps and bed time with a slight fever... and yesterday we noticed some white spots on her tong. Before bed time I was trying to brush her teeth and she was giving me a harder time than usual. I looked in her mouth with a flashlight and felt horrible. she had white patches along her teeth and gums. I felt so bad, poor little thing. Needless to say I took her into the doctor this morning and she has thrush. Luckily it isn't in her throat yet. She hasn't really ate much the past two days so I went to the store and bought some pediasure... I figure get as much nutrients in her as possible on a liquid diet. I tried giving her pudding and applesauce, but she isn't eating much
. Any suggestions?! Oh and the medicine (nystatin) isn't going well either. They told me to have her put in her mouth and swish it around. yeah right, with a 2 year old. I can barely get it in her mouth. It doesn't help that it tastes bad. Argh. I just want her to feel better.

wow I guess I just had to vent, sorry for that.

I'll leave you with a pic of C and I before we went outside to play the other day. I love that the weather is getting nice out! We don't have to be couped up inside anymore!

kNiT hApPy!


sue said...

I love Chloe's hat, just so gorgeous on her, even the crying pic is so cute. Poor Leah having thrush. I have heard of babies getting it from breastfeeding, and it must be awful for them to endure. I love the rag doll with her new pants too, what are you making for it next.

Allena said...

love the pix of chloe! the hat rocks! the panties are great too. the dough shapes are neat. almost like a mobile! ON NO poor leah! i'm so sorry about that! i think the pedialite/sure is a great idea!

Amanda said...

Her hat looks so cute on her, I love the complaining picture so cute. Sorry to hear the other girl is sick :) "Get well soon!"
You're not alone with like crafts more than the kids I feel the same way LOL.

Karen said...

I know what you mean about time flying by - I haven't been posting or reading blogs as much as I want to. Is it the nice weather? We're outside instead?? Don't worry, we would never think you're a horrible mother. Babies cry - I think it's part of their job!! LOL Hope L is feeling better and eating soon.