Saturday, April 14

Yarn shop trip!

Hubby had off all day today and suggested going on a little trip. To where... a yarn shop! We got up and atom bright and early, ate breakfast and loaded the kids up. It was about a 45 minute drive one way and decided that the kids might be happier if we let them watch a movie on rout. Last year we bought a portable DVD player before visiting my big sis(12 hours away) It was the best thing we ever did. So why not use it?! G and L were super excited to be able to watch a movie in the van. That worked to our advantage because then they were in really good moods in the shop and behaved very well. I was so proud of them.

Anyways to get to the point we went to a yarn shop that I visit only a few times a year. I love my LYS and I'm very loyal to it, but the shop we went to today has the yarn cotton classic, which I love! I've made tons of baby hats out of it in the past and that was also the stuff I used to embroider on the girls' kimonos. I bought the pink and purple to make the girls some spring hats. Mainly for C but i figure that Ill have enough to make one for L too.

I've always wanted a toy making book and decided to buy one. I made some mullah from spinning up that yarn over the past few months and hubby and I both decided that I could spend a little of it on my knitting addiction:) I think the baby dolls in here were really cute and I'm going to make on for L, and eventually one for C too. I couldn't decide on what color to buy for the body... I figure that she'll be carried around and get dirty, so I'm thinking the darker... What do you think?! Maybe I'll just make both of them.

I've had this first sock done for months now... On thursday I finally started the second one. I
went knitting with my friends. It was good to get out. We did miss a couple regulars I won't mention any names (Amy and Paulette) but I expect that next time I'll see you both there! JK... but we did miss you guys! My other bud Heather, just finished her bag, and needed to felt it. I saw the finished product, I love it and think I'll make one for myself. She just joined blogland a week or so ago. Why don't you stop over and welcome her to this wonderful place! Go on, here is her blog! I'll still be here when you get back:) So go! Maybe she'll post a pic of her awesome bag! And if she hasn't, she will soon.

In light of having some extra cash from my spinning, we bought a new coffee maker. Its a Mr Coffee programmable coffee maker. Its really cool and I'm lovin it! It will really come in handy on monday morning when I have to go to work early, I'll have it ready for me when I get up. I'm excited! Oh yeah, I've been wanting this one for a while and it was finally on sale, perfect timing! Hope your all having a wonderful weekend!

kNiT hApPy!


Karen said...

Sounds like a perfect way to spend a Saturday. I can't wait to see the dolls you knit - I can already tell they will be adorable. Mmmmmm, that coffee maker sounds terrific too - would be so great to have coffee waiting when I wake up. :)

Allena said...

man your husband needs to hang more with mine i've been wanting to hit the one near us and see what it's like. sigh that's been since my b-day!

Amanda said...

I'm glad you had an awesome trip every mom needs them. You will be addicted to making dolls/animals, I was anyways seeing the looks on the kids faces is priceless just makes you want to make more. :)

sue said...

The Toys To Knit book is great, and I have yet to knit anything out of it. You will have to tell me if the dolls are easy to knit up. I love the colors of the yarn that you bought too, how nice to be able to spend money on yourself.