Saturday, April 28

More yarn

As I was cruising blog land I saw some lovely knit wonderful wallabys. A while ago I had bought the pattern from the shop(when everybody at my knitting night was making them, ok like 3 or 4 people). Last night I decided it was time to try my hand at this wonderful pattern.

So I was off to good old Michaels. I found this. G's favorite color is red. This was the closest thing to it. Its not to girly is it? Its lion brands cotton-ease.
The color is terracotta. I figure it will be a nice sweatshirt for the cool nights in summer, and into fall. I'm going to make it a bit large, a size 6. From what I've seen the sizes run a little small.

While I was outside on this gorgeous 70 degree day I saw this and snapped a few pics. G wanted me to put a pic on this post. Cute little bumble bee! (click on the pic to see it up close) Doesn't this picture just scream summer is coming?! Ok so I'm not the type of person to have grass only in our yard. To me dandelions are just one more flower that the kids can pick:)

I love having the windows open and the fresh air all throughout the house.

This morning hubby and I went to a family life summit at our church. They had three different speakers fr
om our church family. It was really good. They knocked some hard truths into my head. Like practicing what your preach. I've always struggled with my time spent in Gods word. But it hit me, If I'm not doing it why should I expect my kids to want to(now or later in life)?! I decided that instead of putting it off to do house hold chores or even knitting *gasp*, I'm going to spend that 15-20 minutes (or whatever) reading the bible, or doing that devotional. Everything else can wait. Unless of course one of the kids are bleeding from the head and are in need of medical assistance.

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Karen said...

I love the Terracotta color of the yarn. I think it will make a great sweater. :) I was excited to have my windows opened for a few days this week too - but now it's gotten chilly again. Oh well, I'm trying to remind myself that warm weather will be here to stay soon enough.