Saturday, March 31

Something's in the air.

L got her first hair cut today! Really she just got bangs and a tiny trim all over. I have a little curl of her hair in a little baggie... My baby is growing up. She went from this to this! She did pretty good for a two year old having to sit still with sharp scissors just inches away from her face. I think she looks so much older, for a two year old...

So I had my hair cut yesterday... It had almost been a year from my last cut. Its pretty short... but I think I like it. Summer is coming and I just wanted it off my neck.

This morning we dyed eggs. The kidlets were pumped up! I figure we'll start it now and do a dozen at a time and dye eggs a bunch of times. Its pretty, and the kids like it. I always say I want to dye eggs all year round but I never end up doing it... so I thought we'd do them a few times in the next couple of weeks. That's my plan anyways.

On the knitting front I'm about half way through L's kimono. BTW the pattern is from Mason Dixon Knitting. I'm not sure if I've expressed my feelings for that book. I absolutely L-O-V-E it! Its just great to read and has fun patterns too. Whats better than that?!

Right now we're listening to Laurie Berkner. The kids, I, and Hubby all love her music. Its got a fun funky beat you can move and grove too! Its silly, fun music for kids. Just thought I'd share with you all. Sometimes if we are having a bad morning we put it on and dance like nobody is watching:)

kNiT hApPy!


Amy Lu said...

I want to dye eggs too, lots and lots of eggs. Unfortunately, I'm the only one in the house that eats them.

It was great fun last night! We should all get together more often. It wasn't too crazy... was it?

Allena said...

oh fun she looks so cute! eggs we still have to do that. thanks for reminding me..
i swear i must be the only mom who hasn't heard of Laurie Berkner. my friend pam let me and beady watch that this past weekend, she loved it and i cracked up.

Christy said...

My kids love to stomp around to "We Are The Dinosaurs"!

Cute haircuts!

sue said...

L does look cute with her new haircut. Yours looks good too. Egg dyeing must be lots of fun, as the kids look so happy doing it.

Karen said...

What beautiful haircuts!! Both of you ladies look stunning. :) I think I'm going to dye a few eggs with DH this weekend - since it's just the two of us we'll probably only do 6. But then maybe I can use the leftover dye on some sock yarn! LOL