Saturday, March 24

2 days in a row!

Can you believe it? I hardly can...

This is one of L's new and favorite toys. It would have been a pain to blow up but my parents had an electric blower, used for blowing up air mattresses. I de-flatted two of the sides to take it home, and that wasn't to bad to re blow up. Both G + L love it. They put the balls through the holes, and they pop right out! Its a blast. I've been using it to help L learn her colors. She is pretty good at it.G is always there to help her if she does them wrong... What are big brothers for?!

C was being super smiley last night. But she is always turning her head when I try and take the picture. So this is the result. One of these days I'll get a good picture of her.

(obligated knitting content) I figured I needed some.

Here is her little kimono, it still needs buttons or a ribbon for a tie... I still haven't decided. The one I made for my friend last spring was done in garter stitch and I put ribbons on it. You can see it here. It was really easy and quick to knit... I think I might play with the pattern and make on for L. She loves to wear dresses, but so many of the ones she has are sleeveless, just tiny little straps. Its still quite cold in Wisconsin... I can't wait for spring. Green grass, beautiful colors from all types of flowers, I just can't wait! I envy all you out there who live in places where things are already blooming.

Lets see how many days in a row I can go for... I better get knitting


Allena said...

oh i love the smile! she's getting so big.
leah's toy looks like fun.
your kimono is great. good thing i didn't start making one for chloe! i love the way they look. i'm sure it will be really easy to make one bigger for leah i was thinking of doing the same for beady and maybe one for the bub!

M said...

I can't believe Leah is 2! And Chloe is so adorable! I'm excited that you will be able to post more now. ;-)