Monday, March 26

Don't Leave... It's still me!

I updated blogger and lost all my personalized stuff. So bear with me as I slowly fix my blog and get everything back on my sidebar. I thought I could use a new look too. What do you think!? I'd love to eventually get a typepad account, but who knows. I'm not sure how much that costs... and right now free = good. Someday though.

I tried the kimono on C... what do you think?

I think I'd like to embroider some flowers on it or something. Give it some color. I can't complain, its made out of peaches & cream, on a big cone from wal*mart. A good choice for a low budget. I think she would look cute in anything:) But what do I know... I'm her momma, I have to think that!

Spring is HERE! Its been like 80 out all day (compared to 40 the rest of the week)... and look, I have new growth! I think they are called grape hyishians. They are about 4 inches tall!

Hope you all have a good Monday, Knit Happy.


Pamela Foreman said...

The newest kiddo is super cute! Congratulations! Enjoy them while they are little! The outfit is cute. I am working on a sweater for my new little man. Hope to finish it soon! TTFN!

Renee said...

Bloglines never updated me about your last three posts. Odd. Anyway, I'm glad you are still out there and the wee one is way cute.

Allena said...

she looks sooo cute! i think that simple stick like flowers would look beautiful. maybe a butterfly?
it was warm here too not as warm as where you are though..

sue said...

Leah looks as though she loves her birthday pressie, very bright and entertaining. I love Chloe's little bolero too, just gorgeous on her, and she is such a cutie pie. I love the pic of her smiling too, so nice when they are still so young.

Kimberly said...

I love your new look. Don't go with Typepad, it's too expensive. Look into a Wordpress account, they're free. :)