Thursday, March 29

check one off the list!

The kimono is done! I thought I'd use ribbon that didn't take away form the flower... I found the closest match (to the yarn) that I could. I did a little photo shoot so here you go:

I don't think I went too over board with the embroidering, did I?

the sun just came to me, I think its pretty cute.

Of course you need to see it on C.

And the back.

I'm very happy with it and I already have about 4 in done on L's.

While I was at Michael's last night, getting the ribbon, I found some yarn on clearance! Normally $6 a ball, down to $2! They had a sample knit square and it was pretty cute. I instantly thought of making hat and mittens for L next year. The price was right and L said she liked it.

After putting the kidlets to bed last night I made some Amish Friendship Bread, in the way of
muffins. While they were baking and cooling was when I finished the kimono. I was a bit preoccupied and let them cool for too long and half of the muffins got stuck in the pan(they had chocolate chips in them and I think that's what made them stick) I mutilated at least 1/3 of them. I was planning on bringing them to knitting tonight, but now I don't have that many. I probably still will. So I can hand out some of the starter bags. Mine came all the way from my sis! It (the bag) was so full of air when I opened the package, I didn't know she was sending me that. It was pretty funny, If it would have taken one more day in the mail I'm sure it would have exploded! Also in that package was all the seasons of Alias! I'm already on the 4th season, and I'm loving it! Thanks Allena!

Watching TV series on DVD is the only way to go. Last year we started watching 24, a friend from work let us borrow the first few seasons, and we were all caught up by the time the 6th season started this year. Now waiting week to week for only ONE episode is killing me. I'd almost rather wait and buy the season on DVD. Its so much better that way!

OK its lunch time and the kidlets are hungry... kNiT hApPy!


sue said...

Jessica the wrap cardigan looks beautiful with the embroidery, and I love the picture on the back too. You are so clever. I think the dinosaur pancakes are so great too. What a fantastic idea for breakfast.

Karen said...

That little kimono came out so cute!!! The embroidering is awesome - babies and little kids can pull off that look. :) I think the sunshine was a perfect touch!! I had forgotten all about that Amish Friendship Bread - I had some of that a few years ago, but it was hard to find people to pass the started to because I've found a lot of people don't bake these days. They don't know what they are missing!!

Heather said...


M said...

That sweater is adorable with the stitching you put on! It makes me wish I had daughters. ;-)
I too am a fan of Tv on dvd. I feel like I tend to forget things when I wait a week for the next

Allena said...

jess! i love the sweater! where did you get that pattern i want to make one for the destroyer and maybe even the bub!
I'm glad you're liking the dvds! that's my fav series. i wish they did more than the 5 seasons.. oh well.
hope your knitting was fun!