Tuesday, March 27

This morning G decided that he wanted pancakes for breakfast. Normally I'd just make plain old round ones. Awhile ago my MIL had bought some Dino shaped pancake makers and I had totally forgotten about them. Hubby actually remembered them and decided to try them out. They worked pretty well, cute hey?! G had the T-Rex and L had the triceratops. G kept announcing which par he was eating next. "Now I'm eatin his... head... Now I'm eatin his... tail... "and so on. It was pretty cute, especially because you really couldn't tell what was what, it was all cut up. When he was all done he said "I ate it all! Now I'm gonna get big and strong, just like daddy!"

Last night I tried my hand at embroidering. It went pretty well, i think. I kinda followed a guide form a book I have Knitting for Two. I really like this book. It has a bunch of patterns I really want to make, and some I already have. I'm working on a flower on the back... I'll post a pic when its finished. I think i like the flower, its growing on me. L really liked the flower so once I finish this one I'm going to start hers so I don't loose my motivation. I still don't know if I should use a button or a ribbon, what do you think... Please let me know, either way I'll have to go out and buy something... I don't have anything in stock.


ck said...

The sweater is very cute! Good job on the embroidery.

Allena said...

i love it! for the button or ribbon do you need it to hold it closed? if not go with the ribbon. if so use the button and a ribbon for show.. make sense?

Christy said...

I'm so glad you're back online! I have so many back posts to read now and the new look is really nice.

That sweater is so cute!

Renee said...

The embroidery is great. As are the dino pancake thingies. We've been eating Easter sandwiches here lately using cookie cutters. Claire likes PB & J and I have to say it looks a little gory.

Thanks for the "quack" comment. I loved it.

Kimberly said...

I love the embroidery. Was it hard to do? I'm knitting a sweater that has some on it and I think I might try it.

Amy Lu said...

Look at you, getting all bloggy!

Cool embroidery!

Are you going knitting tonight, oh wait, you are. I'm not sure about when I'll get there. Call me on my cell. I'm thinking my haircut will look similar to the one you have in your sidebar. Wish me luck....'