Tuesday, January 25

What a day

Let me start by saying yesterday after work i thought for sure i had a chiopractor appointment. I was freaking out and running around only to find out when looking at the calander that its going to be next monday. Yesterday i also noticed that i was going to have a doctors appt today at 9:45. I did make a mental note. But for some reason the morning went by without me making an apperiance at the doctors office. It was about 11 when i realized i had missed it. A little later at lunch, i was making good old mac & cheese for my DS and nephew. All was going well.... then half the box spilled all over the floor. I should be happy that it wasn't cooked, but somehow that dosen't make a difference. I know this seemes like small potatoes, but when your preggy even stupid comercials can make you cry. I'm over it now and the rest of the day went well. My DH has tonight off, which is always nice! Oh, and I got some more cascade 220, a few different colors, to make myself another felted bag. This one i'm going to experiment with and do some pockets on the inside. If all goes well, it'll be my new knitting bag. well like i said my hubby is off tonight so i better get off this blog... Happy knitting...

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Allena said...

THAT sucks! sorry you had such a bad morning! i had days like those! wait what am I saying I STILL have days like those....ARUGH! i like that felted bag! i'm making one for myself as we speak! hey check out www.elann.com their peruvian highland wool is really good it's what i used for the felted slippers and the bag i'm making myself.....pretty good priced too!
i can't go to that site right now sine i've spent tooo much lately...trying to save!
well gotta go! have fun