Friday, January 28

Can you say "ribbit"

Yes... i've been froggin lately. On tuesday i started a bag. i had gotten pretty far on it and decided that the colors and stripes were looking a bit too Autin Powers for me. I think it was the green. There was a good deal of it knit, 5 to 6 inches tall, and i decided that i would be happier in the long run if i ripped it now and started over. Otherwise i would be angry at it the whole time i'd be knitting it. Who knows if it would have turned out looking ok after felting... but i wasn't going to possibly waste my time and find out. "U-G-L-Y you don't have an alaby you ugly uhh uhh you Ugly!!"

So tonight was knitting at the lys! That always fun. I worked hard on the bag and i am pleased with how its comming along. I'm still trying to decide what kind of straps i want to have on it. i've been concidering one, big, thick one going across it, diagonaly. But who knows we'll see when i get there.

I want to get some felting books....(I'm jelous of my sister, she has a bunch of the books i want:) i'd like to make my little man some felted mittens. They'd be nice and toasty! plus he loves wearing mittens. weird... i know, and of course a hat to match. He's not too fond of scarfs so i'll skip that:-) He had some mittens of for almost 1/2 an hour the other day, inside. Then i had to take them off. He's such a cuttie!


Allena said...

Jess, hey there. I like the 2nd pix of your bag better than the first i like the different sized stripes!
question! how do you get more than one pix in your post? i haven't figured that out yet.....please help me!
Gabe is SOOOOO cute!!! i miss him! even though last time i saw him he was mr cranky pants and didn't like me....:(
ttyl love ya

Allena said...

JESS !!!! DON'T FROG IT!!! I LOVE HOW BRIGHT IT IS!!! when you felt it it's going to look awesome!!! keep it up! the smaller stripes look great! may a suggest the I cord for the straps? go to and look at the booga bag pattern and do it like that! i like how that looks...but that's me...LOL
anyways TTYL

Amy Lu said...

1 in the morning? You are as bad as I am! I like your bag too. Also, I have quite a few baby name books you can borrow. But personally, I think you should name your child Purl if its a girl, and Skein if its a boy. Skein sounds kinda edgey, doesn't it? {grin}