Sunday, January 30


A lot of progress has been made on the knitting bag. I finished the main part and started on the inside pocket.... So i've been second guessing the color choices i made... but what can you do?! not much, but finish it and hope for the best. I can always chuck it up to experiance and make a new one later:-) Its always good to have an excuse to knit more stuff. Speaking of which, i sometimes wish that i would have found out the sex of our soon to be baby. Only for the fact that i would be able to start working on a whole new wardrobe:) But other than that i'm happy with our decision. It will make it that much more exciting. Except for the whole naming thing... don't even get me started on it. I have no clue what we are going to do. I keep thinking it will just come to me, but who knows. The past few days have been kinda painful in the baby department. I swear it has a foot permanently lodged up under the right side of my rib cage. Thats partially why i didn't post yesterday... i cant even sit normally. Half the time I am keeping constant pressure on my ribs, with my fist and the other I have my arm up over my head and I'm leaning to my left. Either way I look quite silly. Well not much has been going on here so till next time... happy knitting!

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