Friday, January 14

what colors

I'm home from my knitting group.... and I brought something home with me! I got the book Stich N' -----. I know the name of the book isn't the best but there is so much cool stuff in it! There is a really fun felted bag that i want to make...scratch that.. that I'm going to make:) But i need to get all the materials and i'm not quite sure what color to make it. In the book its pink and orange, and i like it... but does it matter if its going to go with my wardrobe?! I'm pretty sure most of my stuff doesn't match anyways so i'm thinking i'll do it in those colors. I'm horrible at making decisions. When i was little i could never choose what i wanted at McDonalds... there are 5 kids in my family and even after they all picked what they wanted i still didn't know. In the end i ended up getting the chicken nugget happy meal... every time. Thats probably why i havent knit anything for myself. I should just get over it and go with my gut and make the bag pink and orange. Plus i really want to felt something. My sister, Allena, has been fleting some clogs that perked my interst in it. She has a blog you can check out called Starknits. She is more hip with computers so she got links and pics. and other stuff. I'm working on mine but my computer is all funky right now and it keeps freezing up on me. its getting quite annoying. I'm having a guy come over to fix it on monday and maybe he can show me how to put stuff on this blog to make it cooler. lol... your thinking how much cooler can it get!? Just Ok its getting late, i'm getting wacky, its time for bed.

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Liz said...

Hiya! That book, Stitch'n'Bitch, is the best! I got S'n'B Nation for Xmas and I'm trying to restrain myself from trying everything in it! There is a realy great hat pattern and 2 sweaters that are cool.
By the way, I bet you're busier than heck with a munchkin and a job, but if you can try and hook up with a S'n'B group. I just learned how to knit and the local S'n'B group has been really cool to hang with every week. The girls are fun and I get good tips for my projects. Love your blog, by the way, and good luck!